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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today is National Lost Sock Memorial Day, the day when we mourn the loss of all those socks that disappear somewhere between the hamper, the washing machine, the dryer, and the laundry basket. It happens to everyone. You undress and toss a matching set of socks into the hamper, but after the wash is finished and you’re sorting and folding your clean clothes, invariably you’re at least one sock short. You backtrack. Check the hamper. Check the washing machine. Check the dryer. Check the path between the hamper, washing machine, and dryer. Shine a flashlight into the one inch crack separating the washing machine and dryer. Climb up on the machines and look behind them. You can’t find that missing sock anywhere.

This happens to me at least once a week, and I’ll bet it happens to you, too. We set the lone sock aside, hoping to eventually have its mate show up, but the sock is AWOL. Vanished into the ether. Adrift in Sockspace. Maybe the fox ran off with them?

A year goes by, and you’ve accumulated a bag of mismatched socks, none of which can be paired up with any of the other socks in the bag. Eventually, you donate the socks at the next clothing drive. Maybe, like long-lost lovers, your socks will find their missing mates in a Red Cross or Goodwill bin. One can only hope.

Today, May 9th, is a special day set aside each year to mourn those missing socks and reflect of the fuzzy warmth they once gave us. May the socks be with you!


Wendy Newcomb said...

Too funny, I had to share on Facebook, put a link to your page there too!


Thanks so much, Wendy!

Liz said...

Actually, those lonely socks make wonderful dusters, if only I liked to dust.

Kathy said...

If you want to find the missing socks, throw out the one of a kinds you're saving. I find as soon as I throw them out, the missing mate turns up. But then, you still only have one of a kinds. Can't win.

Jane R said...

I seem to lose my share of socks but I'm fairly resigned to that. However, what really seems to go AWOL at my house are hangers! The clean clothes are hung up carefully and placed in their respective closets. Eventually, the aforementioned clothes are back in the laundry but the hangers never seem to reappear. It's like a black hole!