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Monday, May 28, 2012


Here’s a craft that can be anything from super sophisticated to playfully whimsical, depending on your taste. And it’s easy enough for children to do with a bit of supervision.

When choosing an image, look for prints that will lend themselves to line art. You can download and print various images from your computer, or use a picture your child has drawn. Botanicals or Victorian etchings work well and look spectacular framed in a grouping in a dining room, bedroom, or bathroom. Fruits and vegetable prints ook good in a kitchen or dining room. For a baby’s room, download turn-of-the-century nursery rhyme art. For a child’s room, download and print coloring pages of their favorite cartoon characters.

When choosing colors for more sophisticated looks, go with white or silver markers and black or rich, dark colors for the paper. For more whimsical looks, choose a white marker with bright primary or deep pastel papers.

Materials: picture frame with glass, alcohol, desired image to fit within glass, DecoArt Glass Paint Marker in desired color, colored paper to fit within frame

NOTE: if working with a child, first tape the edges of the glass to prevent accidental cuts. Remove the tape after the paint is dry and before framing.

1. Clean the picture frame glass with alcohol.

2. Working on a hard, flat surface, place the glass over the image you’ve chosen. Keep in mind the final artwork will be in reverse, so if you want the piece to look like the picture you’ve chosen, print it in reverse.

3. Using the glass paint marker, outline the picture, being sure not to smear the paint as you work.

4. Allow the paint to dry at least four hours. Place glass into the frame with paint side facing in. Place the colored paper into the frame on top of the painted glass. Secure the frame backing in place.

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Liz said...

So interesting. Lots of picture frames here, so on to the next step!