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Friday, June 1, 2012


Today we welcome author Linda O. Johnston to Book Club Friday. Linda writes across several genres, but the one constant in her writing is that all her books somehow involve animals. Learn more about Linda at her website and the Killer Hobbies blog. -- AP 

When To Seek a Crafty Killer

What do you do when someone you like, and whose work you particularly admire, is accused of murder?

Well, in my new Pet Rescue Mystery Hounds Abound, the third in the series, my protagonist Lauren Vancouver jumps in to try to solve the crime and find out whodunit.

Hounds Abound revolves around Save Them All, a very special pet sanctuary, one where hard-to-adopt pets go to seek wonderful forever homes, but if none is forthcoming those senior or disabled animals can live out their natural lives in wonderful and loving surroundings.  Its founder, Bella Frankovick, is accused of murdering her ex-husband, and Lauren is sure she didn’t do it.   Lauren likes Bella and loves what she is doing to save needy animals, so of course she has to help.

Do places like Save Them All exist?  Yes!  I first heard of a local one near Los Angeles when I was in a local boutique grocery store and one of the people handing out food samples happened to mention it.  Of course my Pet Rescue Mystery mind started focusing on it, I did some research, and the result was Hounds Abound.

Since then, I’ve heard of other wonderful sanctuaries like that.  I volunteer as a dog adoption counselor at a caring, real shelter called Pet Orphans of Southern California.  Occasionally, a pet there has behavior or other issues that make it so difficult to adopt that it is taken lovingly to a new home--a sanctuary where it can live out its days with lots of wonderful care. 

One thing I’m particularly exited about at the moment is that I’m participating in a very real program: Read Humane™.   Berkley Prime Crime is an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.  Penguin has made a substantial donation to the Humane Society of The United States® in support of its Animal Rescue Team, and is also shipping 50,000 books starring furry friends, both dogs and cats, which encourage readers to learn more and donate to the Humane Society and its Animal Rescue Team.  Besides me, participating authors include Rebecca M. Hale, Alison Pace, Miranda James and Sofie Kelly--and I’m especially excited to report that the Read Humane spokesperson is Nora Roberts.  A new version of my first Pet Rescue Mystery Beaglemania has been printed with the special Read Humane seal on the front and information inside.

How about you--would you ever jump in to try to solve a mystery--or would you rather just read about them?

Thanks for joining us today, Linda! -- AP           


Alice Duncan said...

I'm SO GLAD you're writing this series, Linda! As you know, dog rescue is a pet (so to speak) interest of mine. Congratulations! I particularly love the title HOUNDS ABOUND, since I rescue dachshunds :-)

Janie Emaus said...

I love this series, too. And can't wait for another one to come out.

Linda O. Johnston said...

There are definitely dachshund characters in this story, Alice. Love that you're so involved in rescuing them!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Janie!

GBPool said...

We got our dog, Watson, from Pooch Heaven here in Southern California. It is wonderful that you, Linda, and the others are doing these events for our furry friends. And your Pet Sitting books are so good. And your wonderful protagonist even sits more exotic animals. Always a fun read.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks so much, Gayle! What's wonderful is people like you who adopt pets from shelters.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't we all jump in to solve a mystery if needed?

Thanks for this most interesting post!!!!! I love to hear of forever shelters.


Linda O. Johnston said...

I agree, Brenda--solving mysteries can be fun, and challenging, too. Thanks for your comment!

Kay said...

Linda, I'm loving this series, but am a fan of a lot of your other books as well.

Are you planning a book featuring chihuahuas? We have a pair of rescued chis and they allow us to live here as long as we do what they expect ;-)

Linda O. Johnston said...

Your chis sound like my Cavaliers, Kay. I'm at their bark and call! Delighted that you enjoy my stories.

LD Masterson said...

As a mom to many rescued dogs over the years I love the Read Humane program. That's great. I much enjoyed Beatlemania and I'm looking forward to reading Hounds Abound.

Linda O. Johnston said...

So glad you enjoy both Read Humane and my books, LD. Thanks!