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Thursday, August 16, 2012


If you still haven’t been convinced to eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, beauty editor Nicole Emmerling has one more reason for you. -- AP

That’s right, Anastasia. Raw fruits and vegetables actually brush your teeth in a natural way. They enhance the production of saliva, washing away sugars and food particles and preventing staining.

Another great tip is to avoid staining foods such as coffee, tomato sauce and red wine for 48 hours after you’ve used a whitener. Your teeth are more porous right after whitening and more susceptible to discoloring.

And here's a tip for you coffee drinkers (Are you listening, Anastasia?) Adding milk with at least 2% milk fat to your coffee will produce fewer coffee stains on your teeth. The larger molecules in milk wrap around the coffee's dark pigments, helping to keep them from sticking to your teeth. Latte anyone?


Frank said...

Brilliant and effective!

Eliza Thorne said...

Thanks for the great post-whitening tips! I have never been able to trust those whiten at home strips, for fear of overdoing it or not applying them correctly! I prefer to have my dentist in San Antonio TX do the work and have insurance pay for it! Thanks for the great tips anyway, I never knew fruits and veggies had that ability!


Always happy to pass along a tip, Eliza. Thanks for stopping by. You, too, Frank!