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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today we’re once again participating in Six Sentence Sunday. Today’s six sentences are from Someone To Watch Over Me, one of author Lois Winston’s Emma Carlyle romances. Someone To Watch Over Me was the winner of the Virginia Romance Writers Fool For Love contest.

Rattled by the unsettling turn of events, Dori closed her eyes and took a deep breath while a bevy of men and women prattled around her, touching up her make-up and smoothing her hair. Although she hadn’t given it much thought -- or any thought for that matter -- it made sense that a company representative would accompany her on her appearances across the country. She hardly expected Mr. York to slap a pile of airline tickets into her hand and send her on her way. It just never occurred to her that she would be thrust into a twenty-four/seven situation with that man.

Why him?
Who was he, anyway? 

Want to read more? Click on over to Emma Carlyle’s website to read an excerpt.

Someone To Watch Over Me  is a romantic suspense and is currently available for Kindle,  Nook and through Smashwords .

Like the idea of Six Sentence Sunday? Other authors participating can be found at the Six Sentence Sunday website.


Rae Renzi said...

Nice six; makes me wonder what's going on...

Christine Warner said...

Ooohhh..sounds like she's not to happy about who she's been saddled with...but I'm sure that'll change! *wink*

Nice six!

Jess Schira said...

Now I'm very curious about what's going to happen next. Nice job!

bw said...

I liked your six sunday. Great job. Check out mines


Thanks for stopping by Rae, Christine, Jess and bw!