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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Last week Tessa had a great fashion tip regarding static cling. Her solution? The common safety pin. Today’s tip also features safety pins.

Whether you’re traveling abroad or just spending the day at a fall bazaar, you need to make sure you’re not an easy mark for pickpockets. These thieves are devious. They’ve mastered the art of removing your valuables without you even realizing you’ve been victimized until they're long gone.

The easiest way to deter pickpockets is to make sure they can’t dip their hands into your pockets or your tote bag. And the easiest way to do that is to use safety pins to secure your pockets and tote bag whenever you’re in crowded places.


Kath Marsh said...

So fasten your pocket or puse closed with a saftey pin, right? I wonder if there's a way to attach a wallet to the inside of a pocket or purse so it can't be removed?


I don't see why not, Kath. You could always slip the safety pin through the hole in the zipper tab for wallets with zipper closures. And lots of wallets without zippers have little fabric or leather tabs and tags that would work.