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Monday, November 12, 2012


Patchwork Vase

Make a series of these to run down the middle of a dining room table for a unique centerpiece. Choose colors to coordinate with your decor or for each holiday. The sample was made from a 9.5 oz. coffee drink bottle, but you can use any size or shape bottle.

glass bottle with smooth surface
rubbing alcohol
assorted small print cotton or cotton blend fabric scraps
pinking shears
decoupage medium
foam brush

1. Clean glass with alcohol.

2. Cut fabric into squares and rectangles ranging between 1” – 2”

3. Apply decoupage medium to back of fabric square and adhere to glass. Smooth out any wrinkles and bubbles with fingers. Continue applying fabric randomly, overlapping slightly, until entire surface is covered. Be sure to wrap fabric around to inside of bottle and bottom edge. Allow decoupage medium to dry.

4. Apply a coat of decoupage medium over entire surface of bottle.

5. Tie raffia around bottle neck.

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