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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


If you’re decorating for a party, don’t forget to decorate the meal. Here are some from the catering industry, provided today by guest contributor Zain. Zain writes for Feast Your Eyes! Inc. They provide services such as catering in Toronto as well as event design.

Catering Secrets on How to Present Your Food Properly

Caterers can have a very challenging job when it comes to making meals look and taste great. Caterers can be thought of as food artists that paint the plate with a certain mood and feeling. It can be difficult because styles are always changing and you also need an out of the box mind set to make it successful. For those who aren't experts in food design don't worry because you can follow these awesome tips.

Start at the Base of it All
Picking the right plates, glasses, cutlery, and linens will help bring out the features of the dish.  A good rule of thumb is the dish itself should add interest and appeal to the food without overpowering the food. Most chefs will use white to offset the food and even more so the shape of the plate can give a big impression.

Separate Sauce
Some people may assume that if there is a sauce that goes with the meal, it's better to drizzle it over the food. However, dishes that are soupy like curry should be placed separately as a decorative design.

Let the Food Suit the Occasion
Some parties have themes. It is always a good idea to make sure that the foods served are befitting of the occasion. A good caterer takes time to discover the right foods that can be served. They prepare different plates for mixed crowds. Kids and adults should not have the same plates. Something that is appealing to a child may be less than appetizing to an adult. This is what people have to consider when they are in the catering business.

Sometimes Simple is Better
It doesn't always have to be a complex to be appetizing. Sometimes the simple entrees are the best. It is always much better to do a simple presentation for a large crowd. This saves time and allows caterers to do so much more with less. It can be quite difficult to put complex meals together without overcrowding the plate. It is much better to have a simple plate that presents the food in a neat way by using garnishes to add to the dish without overcomplicating it.

Accentuate the Entrees with Sides
Good caterers know that green leafy salads are always attractive side items. Lots of people like salads and this side item is easy to prepare. It's simple and quick. The sides and any other decorations are valuable. Sometimes there are things like edible flowers that can be used to decorate the presentation.

Follow the Trends
Food choices change just as much as people change clothes. It is important for caterers to keep up with the changes. The meals that were considered find cuisine may change as time progresses. People that have experience in catering will know about the changing trends. It is wise to stay mindful of the shapes of the foods and how they are being served.

Cooking shows always present new ideas and new methods for trying things. Caterers will definitely benefit from these types of food shows.

Colors Are Your Friend
Caterers have to be mindful of color. People that are in the catering business should consider bright bold colors for meals. The caterer has the job of making everything pretty and colors play a big part in this. Colorless foods such as white chicken with white sauce makes it less appetizing. The best meals are those that give people something to talk about and excite the mind. It takes a delightful color scheme to generate buzz about the entrees that are being served.

Variety is Good
In many cases it pays to have some variety with the food that is served. Caterers can really benefit from the having multiple food choices available. It is good to prepare different dishes because multiple food choices spice up the events. People that attend any type of catered events are interested in menu selection choices. They like to view the presentations even if they are only eating one entree. 

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