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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


And now for something completely different...guest author and fashionista Ashlyn Mathews is here today to educate us on fashion for the well-dressed vampire slayer. Ashlyn is the author of contemporary and paranormal romances featuring characters who are a little lost in their lives and who seek acceptance, redemption, and most importantly, love. Learn more about her at her website.

Must-Have Fashion for a Vampire Slayer
Kick-ass heroines of paranormal romance and urban fantasy aren’t just well-liked and well-read for their smart mouths, tough as nails attitude, and killer bodies, but for their lethal fashion wear. Leather and four inch heels, anyone? Or how about sawed off shotguns and an arsenal of other weapons meant to take down the enemy? And let’s not forget the other accessories our heroine needs to save the world and get her man.

What are these fashion must-haves, you ask? For Vampire Slayer Elise Castle, in my paranormal romance My Fallen, the accessories are the most important of all. Forget the earrings, necklaces or scarves. She prefers her crossbow, knives, swords, shotgun and explosive orbs to accessorize her mainly head-to-toe black garb. And when she’s out on the town, for instance, a black-tie affair, where the dark lords of the Underworld have gathered to give her and her new love their black moment, red is the color of the night.

Clad in a dress that is the source of curiosity from her demon lover Xavier Doom, Elise has no choice but to cover up. Otherwise she risks being sequestered to her apartment by Xavier for showing too much skin. Already, he’s killed for her. She won’t let him harm another for daring to ogle her.

What to do? Ah, along comes the best fashion cover-up ever — the black trench coat. The hem reaching mid-thigh, it’s just the right length to conceal Elise’s scantily clad body and her weapons. Perfect! Pair the flare, cinched at the waist coat with knee high boots, and there’s an additional place for her knives, shoved into the sheaths hidden inside a must-have for any hunter. Of course, an outfit is never complete without a fast ride of some sort. Why not throw in a motorcycle or a helicopter able to swoop in like a silent predator?

 As Xavier says, “I love a woman who packs as though the apocalypse was just over the horizon.”

An avid reader of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, I have to agree one hundred percent. So remember, slayers and hunters of all things that go bump in the night, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

My Fallen blurb: Next in line to command the dark lords of the Underworld, Xavier Doom is expected to marry a woman with money and influence. But when he falls for a Vampire Slayer who can only offer him her love, he questions whether tradition and his innate desire for money and power are worth abandoning to have a shot at love.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having me here as your guest!

Cecy said...

I realize what I've been doing all wrong when I go demon slaying. I just needed the right outfit! Great post.

Ashlyn said...

Thanks Cecy! And thank you Anastasia for hosting me! I really enjoyed writing this piece.

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