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Monday, February 11, 2013


Valentine Topiary

Last week’s craft project used Valentine candy hearts. There was some candy left over from the bag that I bought. If I’m going to consume candy calories, you better believe it’s going to be really good candy. Candy hearts are cute to look at and use for craft projects around Valentine’s Day, but as far as candies go, they’re at the bottom of the yummy list.

So I decided to use the remainder of the candy pieces in another craft project, a Valentine Topiary. You could also make these with colored mints for a baby or bridal shower.

4 ounce canning jar, candy hearts, 8” Styrofoam cone, assorted trims, ribbons, and laces, 1” white silk rose, low temp glue gun

1. Fill jar with candy hearts. Close jar. Glue cone to lid of jar.

2. Beginning at the bottom of the cone and working toward top, glue assorted laces, ribbons, and trims around cone.

3. Glue ribbon rose to top of cone.

4. Glue candy hearts randomly around cone.


Liz said...

You are stronger than I when it comes to candy.


Liz, I have very little willpower when it comes to good candy, but those little hearts weren't worth the calories. They were pretty tasteless.

Kathy said...

Those candy hearts sort of taste like flavored chalk. I think I like them better on the box and topiary then I do in my mouth.


I totally agree, Kathy!