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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


photo by Marcin Bober

Sandy Rowland is both an award-winning author of paranormal and fantasy romance and a massage therapist and life coach. Today she’s here to tell us about the benefits of massage and talk a bit about one of her books. Learn more about Sandy at her website. -- AP

The Benefits of Massage, the Healing Touch.

I’m an author and a licensed massage therapist, so when I was asked to do a short article on the benefits of massage, I was ecstatic! In our mechanized, fast paced society people rarely speak face to face, much less touch each other. Losing personal contact is unfortunate because touch heals.

Here are some of the benefits uncovered from years of scientific study:

~Premature infants gain weight faster when regularly touched.

~Massage releases the body’s natural endorphins. These chemicals lesson pain, help to control anxiety, and relieve depression and stress.

~Massage boosts immunity.

~It lowers Blood pressure.

~It’s useful in treating sports injuries.

~It aids those with muscle and joint stiffness in maintaining mobility.

And as an added perk—It feels wonderful!

Now that you know the benefits of massage, let’s find out what kinds are available. Here is a short list:

Swedish massage: great for relaxation and overall health.

Deep tissue: used to release long held tension and physical issues.

Sports massage: to promote flexibility, prevent injury and aid in healing.

Shiatsu: Japanese acupressure massage for relaxation and promoting the body’s energy flow.

There are many other modalities and one will be just right for you. All massage will increase circulation, promote healing and relaxation. Consider adding a monthly massage to your wellness plan. If you’re dealing with a particular health issue, more often treatments might be in order.

I hope you found this introduction to massage and touch beneficial. Do something good for yourself and others, hug your family and friends. Hold your loved ones. Touch.

Apollo’s Gift, the first novel in the Greek Gods Series. The romantic fantasy centers on Olympian deity and their efforts to gain love while they save mortals from the threat of evil in the form of the powerful group, Hydra:

The golden god, Apollo, will pay any price to win the heart of Cassandra, the reincarnated prophetess of ancient Troy. Even his soul.

Cassie Priam is licking her wounds following her latest romantic disaster. To hell with love; it’s fiction, and she’s done believing in myths.

A snare has been set, and Apollo stepped into it when he wagered with Hades. Gaining Cassie’s love is a herculean task. She refuses to believe he exists despite her attraction to his chiseled perfection. He’s a dream. The kind that keeps her up at night and invades her thoughts during the day. Why can’t a man like that be real?

But Cassie’s dreams veer into reality as visions of destruction threatens Greece and Apollo appears in the flesh.  Can Apollo and Cassie learn to love, and believe in each other before Hydra levels Athens, and they lose both their lives and their souls to Hades?


Sandy L. Rowland said...

Thanks for inviting me to share the benefits of massage. It's wonderful to be here.

PJ Sharon said...

The book sounds awesome, Sandy. Looking forward to your release.

I'm calling my massage therapist for an appointment today! Thanks for the reminder:-)

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Good for you P J! I could use some of that healing touch this week as well. Enjoy!

Sandy said...

Massages are great for the body and helps to regenerate the spirit. But so does a great story!! I loved Apollo's Gift and am waiting for the next in the series. When will it be out?

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Thanks Sandy Loyd! I hope to have it out in this summer. Plotting now.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the Apollo. Grin.

www.raynegolay.com said...

I used to have shiatzu on a regular basis and really miss it. I sure could use it right now. I'll make an appointment with my masseuse to work the kinks out of my body :)
Rayne Golay

Liz said...

Those ancient Greeks certainly left lots of good plot lines. Always fun to read current takes.

Calisa Rhose said...

I'm game, Sandy. Bring on the massage! In the meantime, congrats on Apollo's story!

Anonymous said...

My doctor keeps suggesting massage to relieve stress -- maybe I should try it.

Caroline said...

My sister arranged a spa day before my niece’s bridal shower. I have to say it was awesome! Totally fun to go in a group of sisters…

Congrats on your book, Sandy! Looks fantastic!! :)

Julie Glover said...

I love my massage therapist! For writers, a massage is especially nice. Sitting at my laptop for long periods, my shoulders can get especially tense, and a deep tissue massage releases all of that tightness. Thanks, Sandy!

Looking forward to the book.

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Thanks you for all of the great comments. Yes, massage is healing. It will help loosen up blocked emotion and that can assist you in your writing.If you can't feel it, you can't write it. Blocked emotion can cause illness in the body. Let it go!
Shiatsu, reflexology, Swedish or hot stone massage, any will do you good.

Tiffinie Helmer said...

Okay, I need to schedule a massage! Great post Sandy. I have Apollo's Gift and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Carole St-Laurent said...

I love massages! My therapist works at the Y so it's easy and fun to get one after a strenuous workout.

I let too much time go between appointments, though. I need to call her more often!

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Thanks for catching the post, Tiff and Carole. I know how busy you are. A massage once a month. Call your therapist now and book it. It's worth every dime.

And then Read Apollo's Gift to finish off the relaxation.
Shameless self promo. LOL!

Kathy said...

I recently spent a week in the hospital for an infected wound. The hospital offered free massage therapy for it's patients. I took advantage of the offer and it did relax me quite a bit. It certainly helped to lower my blood pressure between my surgeries.

Reid Lance Rosenthal said...

Great blog, Sandy. Now--tell me--did that gent on your cover get this massage treatment? If so, where do I sign up? :-) Would sure beat pumping iron!! The book looks great!

L.L. Muir said...

A monthly massage? How wonderful. I'm going to schedule one now.

Thanks Sandy!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post. I adore my massage therapist.

Sandy L. Rowland said...

You have to keep the machine oiled. That would be you. Massage is like a tune up and no guilt aloud.

Thanks Kathy and Lesli from dropping by. Enjoy your massage!

Cindy Stark said...

Great advice, Sandy. And I love your book!

Pat McDermott said...

Apollo's Gift sounds like massage for the imagination, Sandy. Thanks for this interesting post, and good luck with your writing!

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Thank you Ella, Cindy and Pat! Massage for the brain is a great way to put it Pat. I'm glad you all liked the post.

Rhonda Hopkins said...

Loved the excerpt! I love massages and haven't had one in so long. Thanks for the reminder. I think I'm going to schedule one. :-)

Joelene Coleman said...

Swedish massage is like a piece of Heaven on Earth. Been a while but just the thought relaxes me.

Flynn Sellwood said...

The fact about premature infants can gain weight faster when they are regularly touched is impressive. Thanks for sharing all of these interesting benefits of massage.