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Monday, August 12, 2013


Make a dozen of these Perle Cotton carnations in the colors of your choice for a crafty bouquet that doesn’t need watering and won’t wilt, turn brown, and drop their petals.

Perle Cotton Carnation

Materials: one skein DMC #5 Color Variations Perle Cotton (your choice of color), floral wire, 12 white stamens, green floral tape, two green silk leaves, pliers, scissors, ruler.

1. From floral wire cut one 16” piece and six 4” pieces. Fold each piece in half.

2. Cut the loop at one end of the skein of Perle Cotton. Remove the labels, unfold the skein and lay flat. Cut the 18” length skein into six 3” lengths. Remove knot.

3. Place two pearl stamens on top of each of the six cut pieces of Perle Cotton.

4. To form petal, place one section of Perle Cotton with stamens centered between folded end of small wire. Twist wire together. Repeat for remaining five petals.

5. Twist all six petals into fold of larger wire. Secure with floral tape, wrapping around base of petals and top 1/2” of wire.

6. Twist on the leaves.

7. Continue twisting floral tape from bottom of leaves to end of wire stem.

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