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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


There’s a new kid on the block: Bookstore Without Borders is an exciting new online bookstore. What makes them different and special is twofold: First, they only feature independently published books. Secondly, they take no commission from authors on the sales of their books. This is a pretty big deal when you consider that most authors only make 25% royalty on the sales of their traditionally published ebooks (those books being published by publishing houses) and 35-70% royalties on their indie published ebooks from online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple’s iBookstore.

Contrary to popular opinion based on the incomes of E.L. James, J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, and a handful of others, most authors, whether traditionally or indie published, can’t afford to quit their day jobs. So if you’re looking to fill your Kindle, Nook, or iPad, check out Bookstore Without Borders. You’ll find some great reads in a large selection of genres.

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