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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


photo by Lewis Ronald
Healthy living involves healthy communication—whether between a patient and doctor, coworkers, neighbors, spouses, or just about anyone. Lack of communication can lead to stress, and we all know that leads to all sorts of medical problems.

Today we welcome Mitzy Maven, the protagonist of suspense author Jennie Spallone’s Window of Guilt. Mitzy communicates just fine. Too bad the same can’t be said for her high school friend Laurie and Laurie’s husband. Learn more about Jennie and her books at her website. 

Hi. I’m Mitzy Maven and I’m slumped on the back seat floor of my friend’s SUV as I secretly type this email into my IPAD. As a former investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune, I’ve seen my share of bad guys. But I was truly freaked out, as my mom would say, when my high school friend cajoled me into tailing her husband. Marital infidelity? Shady business dealings? The well runs deeper than that. We’re talking marital communications, here.

Laurie’s not the easiest person to communicate with. Granted, she’s a kind, compassionate person who adores her husband, son, and puppy. But that tongue of hers can bite! She looks for hidden meanings in the most inane conversation. And if your actions don’t meet her specifications, she’ll try to change you.

Example: Laurie’s husband, Ryan, is a health insurance adjuster. Type A personality guy who one day just up and quit the business. Laurie was plenty steamed. Who, in these tough economic times, just walks out on his job, with a family to support?

Laurie attempted to wrestle the facts from her husband, but Ryan wasn’t talking.
The harder she pressed, the more he withdrew. I urged Laurie to minimize her anger and frustration by meditating. Heck, she already does yoga, so I figured this was no great stretch – no pun intended!

But Laurie refused to acknowledge her own anger issue so that her husband would feel “safe” enough to confide in her. Arguments ensued, to the point that their young son complained of “bad energy” in the house. Even the dog reacted to the negativity by peeing on the furniture!

Ryan’s approaching the car now. Before I log off, I gotta say that two hot heads don’t a reasonable decision make! I truly hope that Ryan’s only problem is learning to communicate with his wife without feeling vulnerable.

Window of Guilt
Chicago real estate agent Laurie Atkins is gardening beneath the relentless August sun when her dog's frantic barks divert her to a dead body sprawled on the front acreage of her Wisconsin summer home. She rushes inside to phone the police, but the body disappears. Laurie begins to doubt her own sanity. Then the unidentified body turns up on the driveway of Helga Beckermann, her devious neighbor.

When her emotionally withdrawn husband skips town on the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Laurie uncovers truths she’d rather deny. Her family in peril, Laurie enlists the help of two women she thinks she can trust: former Chicago Tribune investigative reporter Mitzy Maven, and tough-talking CPD detective Maggie O’Connor.

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Angela Adams said...

A very intriguing blurb!

Morgan Mandel said...

A very entertaining character!
Sounds like this book is a hit!

Morgan Mandel