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Thursday, January 9, 2014


 Award winning author Kathryn Jane writes about the kind of women she’d like to hang out with—smart, self-reliant, think on their feet ladies who are just as happy eating a loaded hot dog at a ballgame as they are sipping champagne in the back of a limo. Today she joins us to talk about Lincoln City, one of her favorite places on earth. Learn more about Kathryn and her books at her website. 

Daring to Love, in Lincoln City
One of my all-time favorite places on earth is Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast.  I love it so much, I made it the setting for my latest book, Daring to Love.

Lincoln City is home to 7.5 miles of beaches, a broad range of accommodations, great food, fabulous shopping, and the friendliest laidback atmosphere you could ask for.

My very own hero and I love staying at the Nordic Oceanfront Inn. It’s simple, clean, reasonably priced, and every room has a fabulous ocean view.

We walk through the door and there it is—the Pacific—roaring at us through a broad expanse of glass. And best of all, the windows slide open so you can sit together at the little table, with the fireplace warming your toes, and feel and even taste the briny mist as it wafts up from the beach below.
Whether you’re an antique buff, a hound for knick-knacks, or interested in arts and crafts, you’ll find shops to intrigue you. And there’s an awesome outlet mall as well. Did I mention there’s no sales tax?

Food choices range from a major grocery store with an extensive deli, to pub fare, elegant dining, and of course over-the-top fish and chips.

What’s to do when you’re not eating, shopping or snuggling by the fire? Well, for starters, there’s the most fabulous beach you can imagine—for walking, running, kite-flying or just plunking down, leaning on each other and taking in the power and majesty of the great ocean waves.

From October through May (our favorite time of year to visit), glass floats are put on the beach each day (weather permitting) for someone to discover!

If you’re not lucky enough to find one of those gorgeous pieces of art, you can always attend a local teaching studio and make your own.

And if you need something to do after the sun goes down, there’s a great casino resort where you can play the night away or take in live entertainment and events.

So next time you want a romantic vacation—or a fabulous getaway alone, or with the girls—take a drive down the scenic Oregon Coast and… dance with magical ocean foam as it creeps up the beach toward you.

Daring to Love
Sparks and innuendos fly when two Etcetera agents with a sizzling romantic history and extra sensory gifts are forced to work together.

Liz has barely recovered from a soul destroying rescue mission when a child’s telepathic cry for help rocks her world. Having the ugliness of her past exposed, being obligated to work with a man she’s kicked to the curb, and discovering her scam-artist mother’s involvement in the case, are just a few of the complications slamming her up-side the head.

Galen is a man of many talents. His special method of interrogation could give them all the answers, but will drive the infuriating love of his life further away.

Liz and Galen will do whatever has to be done to find the missing child, but they both have their own agendas—which may or may not include daring to love.

The Intrepid Women Series is a collection of books about women who do. In gumboots or stilettos, astride a horse or an ATV, aboard jeeps, limos or helicopters, they do what needs to be done, like it or not. They’re survivors. And so are the men who dare to love them.

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kathryn jane said...

Good Morning Lois, and thanks for having me here this morning.

I must say, having gone through my hundreds of photos of Lincoln City to pick a few for this post, I'm once again itching to go back.

Daring to Love is in the final productions stages and will hit the shelves as both ebook and in print before the end of this month.

Check back with my website for the release announcement, or join me on facebook, my favorite social media. https://www.facebook.com/authorKathrynJane

Once again, thanks for having me!

Gemma Juliana said...

Hi Kathryn,
Your love of Lincoln City really shines through in the post. I've put it on my list of places to visit. Went to Oregon once and hope to go back. Best of luck with your sales!

Angela Adams said...

After days of looking at snow and frost, I loved seeing those ocean view pictures! Thanks!!

kathryn jane said...

Hi Gemma!

Thanks for the good wishes and I hope you get back to the Oregon Coast one of these days :)


kathryn jane said...

Hi Angela!

I'm glad my pictures brightened your day :)


Melia Alexander said...

I love Lincoln City! Your post has reminded me it's been awhile since I've been - like, last summer. :)

Best of luck to you, Kathryn!


Christine Finlayson said...

Beautiful photos, Kathryn Jane!

I love the Oregon coast in all seasons . . . and absolutely had to set a book there myself (mystery novel)--giving the perfect excuse to visit.

We've explored Lincoln City many times . . . my daughter even found a glass float in the tide pools one Mother's Day.

Best wishes on your new book!

kathryn jane said...

Thanks Melia

... nice to meet another Lincoln City lover. I haven't ever been there in the summer, but maybe this year :)


kathryn jane said...

Thanks Christine, I open my photo file and cruise down the coast frequently :)

My trips have always been between September and March so I haven't seen all the seasons... yet. But I'm working on a spring or summer trip this year.

Your daughter is so lucky to find a float!

Good luck with your mystery novel!