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Monday, June 16, 2014


Qwillia Rain wrote her first romance in middle school and hasn’t looked back. Learn more about Qwillia at her blog/website.

Costuming with Qwillia Rain

The old adage: “Write what you know” never really appealed to me because there’s so much you can actually learn without have to “experience” it first. For the most part, though, writing what I knew was what I did when I penned my romantic suspense novel, In A Lover’s Silence. The main character, Wynne Smith, works in Anchorage, Alaska as a bill collector, yet she also works part-time in the costume shop of the theatre department at the university she attends. These are key elements to the beginning and conflict in the book.

To Wynne, the search for a serial killer begins and ends with a pattern. Much like mysteries, sewing is all about patterns and putting the pieces together. The part of costuming for Wynne is the alterations she often has to make to get the costume to fit the actor wearing it. In that same manner, she steps outside the box (and goes against direct instructions) to find alternate avenues to identify the killer

In her world, one size doesn’t fit all, and even if the size of the pattern matches the size an actor wears, it doesn’t mean that particular pattern won’t need adjustments. Beyond the sewing aspect, Wynne’s connection to the actors, students, and the university itself, figure into the investigation. Thus, allowing the reader to experience Anchorage in ways many tourists do not.

It’s ironic (or maybe not) that I formerly learned how to sew (gotta love home economics classes) around the same time I first began writing romance novels – I was 12. I’ve come a long way from my first attempts – both sewing and writing – and I’ve even added to my sewing résumé – purses and totes. Again, it’s all about the patterns.

One day, Wynne and her sexy Deputy US Marshal may return (my mother still hasn’t forgiven me for the ending), but for now, Wynne’s story can be found exclusively at Amazon.

In A Lover’s Silence
Alaskan bill-collector Wynne Smith has a problem. Actually, she has two. The first is sexy, six-foot, Deputy US Marshal, Seth Vassar, fresh off the plane from Dallas, Texas and looking for answers to a five-year-old murder investigation. The by-the-book marshal doesn't take no for an answer any more than Wynne likes to let a puzzle go unsolved.

Which leads to her second problem. A serial killer intent on making Wynne pay for destroying his next work of art.

Now Wynne has to guard her heart against a man she knows is going to leave her while she tries to keep one step ahead of a maniac.

In a game this deadly, her only hope lies In A Lover's Silence.


Qwillia Rain said...

Thanks for chatting with me today, Anastasia. Have a great day.

Angela Adams said...

Enjoyed reading your post!

Qwillia Rain said...

Thank you, Angela, it was fun to share.