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Monday, June 2, 2014


There comes a time in the life of every favorite pair of jeans when you have to let go and send them off to jeans heaven. Before tossing those jeans, cut out the back pockets. It’s amazing how many craft projects you can make from jeans pockets. Here’s one that's great for those times when you don't want to carry a handbag. Your phone, ID, a credit card, a few dollars, some lip gloss, and a house key will all fit.

Shabby Chic Jeans Pocket Neck Purse

Two jeans pockets cut from the back of a pair of jeans, assorted scraps of lace, a lace medallion (optional,) 1 yd. lace trim, assorted buttons, fabric glue, gem glue, spring-type clothespins

Note: Use fabric glue for all gluing except use gem glue for buttons.

1. Decide on placement of lace and optional lace medallion. Glue lace to one pocket, allowing lace to overhang edges.

2. Glue excess lace to back of pocket. Hold in place with clothespins until glue dries.

3. Glue cut edges of 1 yd. piece of trim to back top edge of pocket on both sides. Hold in place with clothespins until glue dries.

With wrong sides together, glue pockets to each other along side and bottom edges. Hold in place with clothespins until glue dries.

4. Decide on placement for buttons. Glue in place.


Beaj said...

Thanks ...looks great.

Angela Adams said...

So creative! Thanks!!


Thanks, Beaj and Angela!