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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


photo by Yocto
Are you planning a bit of painting this summer? Many of us who weathered the recent horrendous winter and waterlogged spring are about to grab paint cans and paintbrushes to touch up exterior sections of our homes that took hits during the last few months. Or you might be tackling your entire house. For me, it’s my front porch, steps, and back deck. Others will be devoting time to a bit of freshening up interior walls with new coats of paint.

If you’ll be joining me in the paint bucket brigade, here’s a handy tip to avoid paint drips running down your brush and onto your hands when you need to hold your brush in a vertical position:

Cut a small slit in the plastic lid from a can of coffee. Poke the paintbrush handle through the slit. The plastic lid will catch those drips and keep your hands clean.

1 comment:

Angela Adams said...

I enjoyed your post, but the only painting I do is with nail polish!