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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Mystery author Jackie King was supposed to be our guest today, but her protagonist Grace Cassidy decided she was better suited to blog on money tips. If you’d like to learn more about Jackie and her books, check out her website and blog.

Money Tips for Happily Married Women
(Or Who Think They Are)
by Grace Cassidy

Every woman should have money saved under her name alone. Married or not. Happy or not. In today’s world of changing mores and weakening family structure, a woman must always be able to support herself without help from anyone. Always have a bank account and a savings account under your own name and yours alone.

“Sounds selfish,” you say. “My husband loves me, and promises to always provide for me,” you say. “My husband takes care of all of our business,” you say.

That’s what I thought, too. Then suddenly the husband who adored me (or so I thought,) ran off to the Cayman Islands with his secretary and took all of our resources with him. Most of it my family money. I was left with only the cash in my designer purse. (That purse, later sold on e-bay, was worth more than the money it held.)

“I would have credit cards!” you say.

Maybe so, but whatever you charge would have to be repaid. By you. (This wasn’t a problem for me, since the girlfriend called and reported each card as stolen.)

Be wise, and be safe. Here is what I suggest:

While still happily married, start a savings account with some of your monthly household allowance. Be wise with the money under your control. Do you really need that $200 jar of night cream. After I was left penniless, I began using pig’s lard for night cream, and found that it worked as well as the fancy department store brand.

Jeans and T-shirts from Walmart or Target, that once I would never have even considered buying, looked great when I added an expensive scarf or brooch that I already owned.

You may never need this personal bankroll, but if your husband strays, or makes bad investments, or indulges in an unexpected midlife crisis, you are prepared to take care of yourself. And that, ladies, is the only security you can truly count on.

Note from editor: Too bad Anastasia didn’t come across these tips back before Dead Louse of a Spouse permanently cashed in his chips in Las Vegas.

The Corpse Who Walked in the Door
Former society wife Grace Cassidy is learning to live on the minimum wage she earns as a bed & breakfast inn-sitter. Grace finds her cat’s bloody paw prints leading away from a bathtub and wants to run for her life. But she can’t. Her 19-year-old son is accused of pushing his pregnant girlfriend down a flight of concrete steps, and she won’t abandon him.

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Jackie King said...

Dear Anastasia, It was an honor for me to be able to share what I've learned about finance and money in the few months that I have been single. Each day I learn more. I'm now setting up a new B&B in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have encountered a group of elderly financiers. If you're in my part of the country, please stop by. I'll have a bed ready for you.
Grace Cassidy

P.S. I'm calling this new adventure THE CORPSE AND THE GEEZER BRIGADE.

Angela Adams said...

Awesome post! Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Ladies, the advice in this post is some of the best you'll ever get. Please take it to heart, no matter how happily married you think you are. I would add one more thing...READ your Federal tax Form 1040 before signing it!

Jackie King said...

Thanks for your comment, Angela. I really appreciate it.

(and Jackie)

Jackie King said...

And thanks to you, too, Ms. Anon. Sounds to me as if you're a woman with experience much like my own.
Hug to you, too.

(and Jackie)

ltrout said...

Very good advice, Grace! My hubby actually encourages me to have stuff in my name alone. Smart man. ;)

Jackie King said...

Hi Linda, It sounds to me as if you have an exceptional husband! Hang on to that guy!
Grace Cassidy

(and Jackie)