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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Juli Alexander writes award-winning Young Adult Fiction. You can learn about her and her books at her website. Today, though, the teenage sleuth of her Paxton PI series stops by for a guest post about makeup.

My name is Townsey Paxton. I’m seventeen, and I’m not really into makeup. Actually, my best friend Hearst, who’s kind of Goth, wears a lot more makeup than me.

I have learned a bit about makeup recently, and Anastasia asked me to share.

My brother recently had a… situation. He went undercover in a fraternity to find out who was drugging girls. Unfortunately for Graham, he got roofied himself. He’s fine. I took him to the hospital, but he had some residuals. While he was unconscious, the criminals wrote all over his face with permanent marker. I’ll show you his picture, but please don’t tell my brother. He dropped out of veterinary school to run the family business and take care of me. He’s my guardian, and he can ground me forever.

You can see it was pretty bad. I even censored the words on his cheeks because they were not appropriate for your blog.

We spent a lot of time trying to remove the marker from his face and learning how to cover it with makeup. My brother runs Paxton Private Investigations, and the face-graffiti look was not going to work for business. Graham found Nikkie’s tutorials, and I have to admit I’m getting addicted to her makeup tips. She has a blog and a YouTube channel.

The top three things I’ve learned from Nikkie are:

~ Makeup can make you appear more alert and awake.

I love Nikkie’s tip for using a light shadow on the inner corners of the eye. For some great examples, see Fresh and Flirty Everyday Natural Makeup Tutorial or  Back to School Makeup Tutorial. This is great if you are in high school and want your teachers to think you got enough sleep. It’s also helpful for when you are worrying about a case. Unfortunately, this does not fool your brother if he’s also a big fan of Nikkie’s tutorials. I’m not going to tell you how many times my light eyeshadow has disappeared from my bathroom counter lately. I don’t think Graham has slept well in a month.

~ Wearing makeup does not mean you have low self-esteem or that you are boy crazy. Sometimes wearing makeup can be fun. (If you tell anybody I said that, I will deny it.)

~ Models and celebrities get a big part of their beauty from makeup, and we can too. 

Check out Nikkie’s The Power of MAKEUP

See how glamorous she looks with makeup? And you can see from the other half of her face that she’s human, just like the rest of us.

One last tip from me to you. Kat Von D, the famous tattoo artist, makes a foundation that covers tattoos. It can also cover marker in case you find yourself in my brother’s position.  A person’s face can only take so much abuse from paint thinner and nail polish remover!

Paxton Private Investigations
Seventeen-year-old Townsey Paxton longs to run the family detective agency. After her twenty-six-year-old brother leaves vet school to manage the agency and care for her, his sacrifices start to take their toll. Townsey finds a way to help, enlisting the aid of her diverse group of friends. She grows bolder with her success. When she suspects one of the agency’s clients is being abused, she can’t look the other way. She risks her safety to do what she knows is right, but things suddenly go terribly wrong. Can Townsey control her justified panic long enough to use the lessons from her father? Or will her life-long dream lead to her untimely death?

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