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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Tips to Avoid Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters

Thanksgiving is next Thursday. If you’re hosting the family dinner, you know there are all sorts of dinner disasters you worry about. Here are a few tips to deal with some of the more common ones.

Turkey didn’t defrost completely in time, or worse yet, you forgot to defrost it? No worries. Leave Tom in his plastic wrapper and submerge him in a sink filled with cold water--or use your cooler. Figure 30 minutes per pound if he’s completely frozen, less if partially frozen. Change the water at least once to keep it cold.

Undercooked poultry is a huge no-no. If your bird looks pink as you’re carving it, place those undercooked portions on a baking sheet and pop them back in the over to roast until the pink is completely gone.

Turkey has a tendency to dry out quickly after it’s carved. Keep it moist with a sprinkling of hot chicken broth.

No one likes lumpy gravy. Avoid the lumps by pouring the gravy through a mesh strainer.

Squeeze some lemon juice into your cranberry sauce if it’s too sweet. 


Angela Adams said...

Thanks for the tips!


You're welcome, Angela! Have a great Thanksgiving!