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Thursday, November 17, 2016


We all know we’re supposed to exercise to stay fit. Some people enjoy feeling the burn; some of us exercise even though we really, really hate doing so. Still others don’t bother to exercise at all. If you fall into this last camp, ignore this post.

Whether you’re an exercise lover or a reluctant exerciser, the one thing both groups have in common is sweat. It’s easy to jump into a quick shower after exercising and wash the sweat off your body, but it’s not as easy to deal with the greasy hair and scalp sweat that exercising causes. Unless you have a wash-and-go hairstyle, you probably don’t have the luxury of time needed to wash your hair every day after exercising. If you do, this post isn’t for you, either. It’s for the rest of us who have to spend precious time we often don’t have with blow dryers whenever we wash our hair.

I recently came across a great tip for dealing with scalp sweat, a main cause of greasy hair. Take half a lemon, remove the excess pulp, and squeeze the juice from the lemon (you can set the juice aside for your morning tea or smoothie.) Now blot your hairline and your part with the squeezed lemon. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? However, the natural fruit acids in the lemon will aid in absorbing oil and clearing away dirt. And as an added benefit, your hair will smell citrusy fresh.


Angela Adams said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip!!


Thanks for stopping by, Angela!