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Monday, March 6, 2017


The Santa teapot that started it all 
Guilty Pleasures
Merriam-Webster defines guilty pleasure as “something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt.” Collectors can certainly identify with this. Most will tell you that they spend far too much money (as well as time) on their collections, be they books or dolls or model railroad trains.

Fish teapot bought in the Bahamas
My guilty pleasure is teapots but not just any teapots. I collect whimsical teapots, ones that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I never collected anything prior to teapots, and my collection came about in a rather odd way. About twenty years ago, I was shopping at Christmastime with a friend. As we wandered around a department store, I saw an adorable Santa teapot and made a casual comment about how some day, if I ever had lots of disposable income, I’d like to collect whimsical teapots. Several weeks later that Santa teapot arrived as a Christmas gift from my friend.

Pincushion teapot
The wonderful think about collections is that if you have one, it’s always very easy for friends and relatives to buy gifts for you. And that was the case after receiving that first teapot. I didn’t set out to collect teapots; I had very little disposable income at the time, and that which I had went to more important things—like family vacations.

However, somehow word spread that I was collecting teapots, and before I knew it, I was receiving whimsical teapots for every conceivable occasion. I now have a collection of about fifty teapots ranging from handcrafted miniatures to normal sized ones capable of brewing several cups of tea. I also have dozens of teapot Christmas ornaments, a couple of teapot candles, and even a teapot pincushion.

Teapot candles
In the past two decades I’ve bought only two teapots myself. On a cruise to the Bahamas, I purchased a fish teapot, and while visiting Disneyland for the first time, I bought a Minnie Mouse teapot. The remainder of my collection has all been gifts, and the collection keeps growing…and growing…and growing.
Minnie Mouse teapot bought at Disneyland

The funniest part of all this? I’m a coffee drinker! The only time I drink tea is when I’m sick. But I do love my teapots, and truthfully, they don’t really qualify as a guilty pleasure, just a pleasure, since I spend neither time nor money collecting them.

(Lois Winston is the author behind the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries as well as other works of fiction and nonfiction. She’s also the de facto owner of this blog, but don’t tell Anastasia that!😉)


Jacqueline Seewald said...

What a nice hobby, Lois! I collect lighthouse objects and various vases. These are fun activities. I used to collect books but have downsized to an apartment and had to give away thousands of books.

Lois Winston said...

I think my teapot collection is going to suffer the same fate in the future, Jacqueline. Right now they're scattered all over the house. When we downsize, most of them will have to go.

Peter Perrin said...

A harmless and quirky collection. Good for you. Tweeted, FB, Google+.

Lois Winston said...

Thanks for stopping by, Peter! And for spreading the word!

Doreen jensen said...

I love teapots,yours are lovely. I call myself a teapot hoarder, as I have over 400 of them. I keep many in boxes and rotate several times a year. I love the whimsical, the vintage, the silver-plated and my subset of dancing animal teapots. and yes they are everywhere in my home. Alas as you have stated I too am trying to downsize and eyeing my collection with anxiety and pragmatism.
I understand that joy in finding a unique and unusual piece. I hope you will continue to collect, perhaps a yearly pruning will suffice.

Lois Winston said...

Hi Dory! Your collection puts mine to shame. Not counting all my teapot Christmas ornaments, I have 57 at this point. The ornaments probably add another 20.

mypalbuddee said...

Lovely whimsical teapots you have and thanks for sharing the story, I love to collect used interesting stamps from correspondences I receive.

Lois Winston said...

Thanks for stopping by, mypalbuddee! As a young child, I had a stamp collection started by a relative, but I have no idea what happened to it. :-(