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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


By now you’ve probably heard of the Mannequin Challenge. For the one or two of you who haven’t, it’s a viral video trend where a group of people freeze in their tracks, turning themselves into living statues, while a camera pans the scene. It’s believed to have begun in Jacksonville, FL about six months ago and has caught on all over the country, especially with celebrities, politicians, and professional sports teams. Do an online search, and you’ll find scores of elaborate Mannequin Challenge videos.

Today, though, I’d like to offer up some mannequins that challenged my artistic sensibilities. I came across these during a recent trip to the mall. File this post under What Were They Thinking?

Over the years I’ve seen some rather odd window displays and some really strange mannequins, but these certainly top the list when it comes to weird.
Art is supposed to challenge our preconceived notions of things and make us look at things in a different light. However, mannequins aren’t supposed to be art. They’re purpose is to showcase the garments on them. After all, the store is selling clothing, not mannequins. Will anyone even notice the clothing? My guess is that most people will come away remembering the weird mannequins and not the outfits displayed on them. And I seriously doubt these creepy mannequins will draw customers into their store any more than creepy clowns make people want to go to the circus.

What do you think?

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