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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our guest today is someone who was struck with this terrible disease and through her writing is doing something to help find a cure.

A southern girl, Trixie Stilletto traveled north when she found the love of her life. Together, they enjoyed more than 20 years working as journalists. Now back home in Tennessee, she’s writing stories that range from short hot romances with a kiss of humor to southern-flavored mysteries. She lives seven miles from the neighborhood where she grew up with two cats, an aging beagle and a host of characters waiting for her to tell their stories. Learn more about Trixie and her books at her website. 

Hi Anastasia, thanks for letting me take over your blog and sharing the inspiration for my latest story, Do Grave Harm, with your readers.

Life changes can be good, bad or a combination of both. When the change comes from health issues, it can also be scary.

In 2014, during my annual mammogram, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer called Her2+. I had no family history of breast cancer nor did I feel a lump. The diagnosis changed my life in many ways, not all of them good. Knowing I was facing a year of chemotherapy and radiation followed by the uncertainty of when or if the disease would return, threw my life out of control. For a long time, it also sent my creative energy into hibernation. That was the bad.

From that bad came the good. It was while getting radiation treatment one cold winter day that a character and story came to me. Do Grave Harm is a story I probably would have never written otherwise.

Fighting cancer is tough enough on its own. I can’t imagine having to deal with a murderer at the same time. That’s exactly what I put my character, Jennifer Atkinson, through in this story.

Jennifer is getting radiation treatment when a murder occurs outside of the lab. Though she isn’t a detective, nor an eyewitness, she feels compelled to find answers on her own. She owes it to the victim and isn’t going to give up until she finds answers.

Cancer can make you feel like a victim and out of control. Treatment and fighting to beat the disease can rule your life. Jennifer is determined not to let fear keep her from beating cancer or finding the truth.

Proceeds from this story will go to these metastatic breast cancer research charities: https://www.mshafoundation.org/what-we-do/circle-of-hope

Do Grave Harm
There’s nothing normal about Jennifer Atkinson’s radiation treatment, especially when discovers the technician dead in the control room. As the gruesome scene replays itself in her mind, small details spark more questions than she’s answering for the seriously attractive Detective Ben Manteo.

Despite Ben’s warning to stay out of it, Jennifer picks up seemingly unrelated threads that weave themselves into a story of lies, deceit, and betrayal that someone will go to any length to make sure never gets told…

Read an excerpt here

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