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Thursday, December 21, 2017


Award-winning and bestselling author Julie Moffett writes mystery, young adult, historical romance and paranormal romance books. Continue reading to learn how you can win e-copies of two of Julie’s books. Learn more about her and her books at her website. 

Hi, everyone and Happy Holidays! I’m mystery author Julie Moffett and I write humorous, geeky, mysteries. My Lexi Carmichael series has nine books out now with the tenth book, No Regrets, releasing January 8th. But today, I’m celebrating the release of the first book in a brand new geeky, mystery series titled White Knights. The novel features Angel Sinclair, a brilliant geek girl who wants nothing more than to be left in peace, but goes to war with some kids in her high school, and gets mixed up in international intrigue—all on the first day of her last day of high school.

So, how many of you have a geek in your life? Daughter, son, niece, grandson, neighbor? Husband, co-worker or significant other? Well, no worries because I’m here to help you out! Listed below is a Geek Gift Suggestion Guide with my top five picks for the holiday season. Hopefully there is something here for every geek in your life!

Feel free to comment on the post, because I’m giving away an e-book of White Knights and No One Lives Twice (the 1st book in the Lexi Carmichael series) to a random commenter to celebrate my new release! Good luck!!

Fun Geek Gifts

The Sum of All Your Particles
It’s a puzzle! Take the wooden particle apart and then try to rebuild it without sneaking a peek at the solution. But watch out, recognizing spatial relationships and spotting the solution is about as easy as seeing an atom, particle, cell or molecule with the naked eye. And you thought passing chemistry was tough!

Paste Not Waste
Squeeze up to 35% more out of your household supplies with this forearm and time-saving device designed to make tubes good to the last drop. It's simple, sturdy and effective. Ideal for everyday use.

Head of the Glass
Display your mathematical prowess with every pour when you serve drinks in this numerically inclined glass set that features equivalent mathematical constants in addition to standard ounces. Whether they join you with water during class or with something a little stronger as you celebrate cracking your latest conundrum, you'll be glad you got your digits around these endlessly entertaining glasses.

Taking Games to New Heights
Hoverkraft is a game where players take turns stacking pieces on a platform that levitates. Using magnetic repulsion, the game board defies gravity. Stack translucent game pieces higher and higher or remove them as the die dictates. The last player to place a block without causing the platform to tumble wins.

Wear Your Geek Pride
You can’t go wrong with a T-shirt—a geek staple. Great geeky sayings abound (like the one at the top of this blog), so the choice is yours.

Of course, don’t forget to pick up White Knights or a set of the Lexi Carmichael books to go along with your choice! Let me know which geeky presents intrigue you or add any good ones I may have missed.

Happy Holidays and be sure to comment below to be automatically entered to win an ebook of White Knights and No One Lives Twice.

White Knights
Geek Girls Rule! My name is Angel Sinclair. I’m the youngest senior at Excalibur Academy for the Technologically Gifted and Talented in Washington, DC. I was pushed ahead a year because of my high IQ and considerable prowess behind the keyboard, making me an outcast even among my own peers.

I’ve been looking for my dad all my life. A brilliant mathematician and cryptographer, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances when I was eighteen months old. Although my mom tells me I must put him in my past, it only makes me more determined to find out what happened to him. When weird accidents start happening at my school and the vice principal is involved in a deadly incident, I don’t see it as a coincidence.

After launching my own investigation, with the aid of an unexpected set of allies calling themselves the White Knights, I discover a threat far greater than I ever could have imagined. I could take my discoveries to the authorities, but my own investigative methods would be at risk. Can anyone say hacking? No, it’s up to me to set things right. My objectives are straightforward: clear the name of the vice principal, learn the truth about my father, and stay alive. In other words, save the day and try not to look too much like a dork while doing it.

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Linda said...

Love this! The glasses are neat and won't drive the non-geek crazy.

Julie Moffett said...

Hahaha! I seriously want to get myself a set! :)

Debbie Kitzke said...

I am the geek in my family :) I seriously want the t-shirt!

Margaret said...

My son and I are the geeks in my family. He is more geek than I am though. I loved White Knights and I am looking forward to No Regrets and then the next 2 in the series.

Billie Jackson said...

I don't have a geek to buy for but have a couple in the extended family and can see them with a couple of these gifts first not reacting to the gift, then playing with it, even the ones not a toy. Love t hem. And LOVED White Knights.

Julie Moffett said...

Debbie: Yes, you NEED that shirt! Lol!!
Margaret: Thanks for the kind words about WHITE KNIGHTS and have my fingers crossed you will enjoy NO REGRETS!! ox
Billie: Lol!! Those gifts are pretty cool!! So glad you liked WHITE KNIGHTS! Yay!! :)

AliciaS said...

Thanks for the tips! Check out the website www.thinkgeek.com for some crazy cool geeky things!

Gladiame said...

I am the family geek. Gotta get that t-shirt!
Loved WKs! 1/8/18 is my first vacation day of the new year - cause I know I’m downloading No Regrets at 12:01and pulling an all nighter! ��

Sandy Parks said...

Oh, I'll come to the Geek Side. I love Pi. ;)