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Monday, October 29, 2012


We all wind up with mismatched socks, whether a hole appears in the heel or toe or a sock disappears in the laundry, never to be seen again. Sock dolls are a great way to repurpose the remaining sock of the pair.

Ugly Dolls have been popular for some time. Here’s how to make an Ugh!Ly Sock Doll.

Ugh!Ly Sock Doll

1 novelty sock
polyester fiberfill
DMC #3 Perle Cotton in colors to match
tapestry needle
two 3/8” buttons
worsted weight yarn
3” x 4” piece of cardboard
three 1/2” pompoms
fabric glue

 1. Cut the sock below the heel.

2. Stuff sock with fiberfill.

3. Using Perle Cotton and embroidery needle, work a running stitch around opening. Pull to gather. Stitch opening closed.

4. To make arms, cut heel from remainder of sock. Cut cuff in half. Turn each half inside-out. Stitch along long edge.

5. Turn right side out. Gather along finished edge. Stitch opening closed.

6. Stuff each arm with fiberfill. Work running stitch around opening. Pull to gather. Stitch opening closed.

7. To make hair, wrap yarn around long side of cardboard 25 times. Tape ends to hold in place. Slide a piece of yarn under wrapped yarn and tie tightly to gather yarn. Remove tape. Slide yarn of cardboard. Fold yarn loops in half and tie tightly together at center.

8. Glue hair to head at yarn knot.

9. Glue pompoms to front of Ugh!Ly Doll.

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