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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Today we have a special fashion guest. Robert Reeve from Stylepilot offers some advice for dressing the man in your life. Stylepilot is an online start-up designed specifically for men to navigate fashion online and provide mens fashion tips. -- AP

How to Buy Clothes for Men: The Essential Guide

Buying clothes for a man can be a stressful experience, especially if you have a husband or a close male relative who you find yourself having to dress because of his own awful taste in style. You may be one of the lucky ones, who only has to buy when it is in the form of a gift – although even then you can cause yourself many a headache trying to pick out the very best style selections.
With that in mind, we put together an essential guide to help you ensure you always dress your man well.
Understanding Him
Source: Amazon.com
In order to dress your man well, it is imperative that you understand his unique list of needs.
Don’t worry, this isn’t a bad as it probably sounds, rather it means you need to know what is best suited to him. Unfortunately, clothing retailers are looking to sell to you come what may, they don’t extend themselves to the trouble of saying “these are best suited to skinny guys” and other pieces of what would be extremely helpful advice.
You can work most of that out just by looking at him, thankfully, so get yourself to a blog or style website that breaks down the different elements of style that are unique to men of all shapes, sizes, hair colours, and skin complexions.
Sobering Up
Source: Topman.com
Whenever you are picking out clothes for your man you should have a clear focus on making him look mature and sophisticated. If he has a love for baggy jeans, hoodies and loud, graphic t-shirts, it is up to you to tone this down.
Toning down doesn’t, however, mean that he is going to be any less stylish. On the contrary, in fact – he will look even better!
Therefore, ensure that you swap the baggy denims for tapered chinos, the graphic t-shirts for classic, well-fitted polo shirts, and the hoodie for a stylish knitted sweater or cardigan.
When it comes to picking out clothes for men, it doesn’t just stop at the common wardrobe items.
Accessorize Him
While buying your man a well cut polo, a great looking cardigan and a pair of stylish chinos is a step in the right direction, it isn’t the be all and end all of his individual style.
Source: Mrporter.com
Accessories are just as important to a man’s overall look as they are to women, and it is important for you to recognise this. Treat him to an expensive watch, stylish sunglasses or a seasonal scarf in order to add depth and variety to his appearance.

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