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Monday, March 18, 2013


Here’s a cute little Easter bunny to add to a child’s Easter basket. Or make several and add one at each place setting for Easter dinner.

Easter Egg Bunny

2-1/2” Styrofoam® egg, scraps of pastel print calico fabrics, pinking shears, ruler, pencil or fabric marker, tacky glue and jewelry glue, foam brush, 2-1/2” white or straw doll hat, two 5mm wiggle eyes, two 5mm white pompoms, 3mm pink pompom, scraps of white and pink felt, scrap of cardboard

1. Using the ruler and pencil or fabric marker, draw 3/4” squares on fabric scraps. Cut out squares with pinking shears. You’ll need approximately 30 squares to cover the egg.

2. Water down the tacky glue to a consistency that will be easy to spread with the foam brush. Working one fabric square at a time, glue squares to egg, overlapping edges. Cover egg completely with fabric squares. Allow to dry.

3. Print out patterns to 1-1/2" in height. Using pattern, cut out feet from cardboard. Glue a piece of white felt to cardboard. Allow to dry. Trim felt to cardboard.

4. Using pattern, cut out two white felt ears and two pink felt ears. Glue a pink ear to a white ear. Allow to dry. Apply small amount of glue to bottom of pink ear. Fold ears in half at bottom edge. Allow to dry.

5. Glue hat to top of egg. Glue an ear to each side of hat.

6. Glue on eyes (using jewelry glue) and pompoms as shown in photo. Make a small bow from ribbon and glue to egg as shown.

7. Glue bottom of egg to feet.

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