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Monday, March 11, 2013


Many people take family photos at Easter. Why not create an Easter album for all of those photos you’ve collected over the years? I used images from a Victorian themed calendar I’d saved. You might want to use greeting cards you’ve collected over the years. You can also download images, but if you do, be sure to use a laser printer. The ink from inkjet printers will smear when you apply the decoupage medium.

Decoupaged Easter Photo Album

Materials: photo album (any size), Easter artwork from greeting cards or calendars, craft stick (optional,) foam brush, scissors, découpage medium, tweezers (optional.)

1. Cut out desired images from artwork. Arrange on photo album cover.

2. Working one cut-out at a time and using the foam brush, apply decoupage medium to the wrong side of the artwork.

3. Position artwork on the album, using the tweezers to aid in placement if desired.

4. Eliminate wrinkles, air bubbles, and excess medium by gently pushing down on the cut-out with your fingers or the craft stick, working from the center outward. Remove any excess medium with a damp cloth.

5. Apply the next cut-out in the same manner. Repeat until all images are adhered to the album.

6. Allow decoupage to dry completely. Once dry, apply several coats of découpage medium to the entire surface, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.

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