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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today is tax day, and along with having to file your income tax by the end of the day, many people shred old documents they no longer need to keep for tax purposes. Shredded paper can be recycled, but have you ever thought of using it for a craft project? Why not make a shredded paper bowl from some of those old receipts and bank statements?

Shredded Paper Bowl
(note: This bowl is meant for decorative/display purposes only. Fill it with only light weight items.)

Materials: shredded paper, bowl in desired size, second bowl to use for shredded paper, plastic wrap, tacky glue, foam brush, gold metallic acrylic paint, plastic container for mixing glue, newspaper to protect work surface

1. Wrap the outside of the bowl in plastic wrap. Place it upside down on newspaper.

2. Place the shredded paper in a bowl and dampen it with water.

3. Mix a solution of two parts tacky glue to one part water. Add paint to tint glue.

4. Brush glue on bottom of wrapped bowl. Glue a handful of shredded paper onto the bowl, brushing with more glue so that the paper lies flat and is thoroughly coated. Contiue working in the manner until you’ve covered the bowl to the desired height. Repeat with two more layers of paper and glue. Allow to dry.

5. Brush paper with five additional layers of tinted glue, allowing glue to dry thoroughly between layers.

6. Remove paper bowl, carefully pulling away plastic wrap from inside of bowl.

7. Brush inside of bowl with five layers of tinted glue, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next layer.


Kath said...

LOVE it!


Thanks, Kathy!

Ruby said...

This is a nice recycling project! I like the color and effect of the shredded paper formed because it looks so much like a bird’s nest.

Ruby Badcoe