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Friday, May 31, 2013


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Alison Stone credits an advertisement for writing children's books for sparking her interest in writing. She never did complete a children's book, but she did have success writing articles for local publications before finding her true calling, writing romantic suspense. Learn more about Alison and her books at her website. -- AP 

Making Time

Thank you for hosting me on Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers. I think this is the best title for a blog, ever. Anyway, it got me thinking how much I used to love to do crafts. I say “used to” because life and writing have gotten in the way over the years.

I have a beautiful cross stitch I completed for my wedding twenty years ago. I completed another two cross stitch projects announcing the births of each of my first two sons. I have a third cross stitch half completed for my daughter. She turned thirteen earlier this year. I also have an eight year old. I had to mention her or she’d feel left out. I never even purchased the materials to start a cross stitch for her. It makes me sad to think how days roll into months and months into years and we fall away from the things that used to bring us enjoyment.

Over time, I put the cross stitch aside, and picked up a notebook and found writing also brings me great joy. I’ve been fortunate to turn what started out as a hobby into my career, with the support of my hubby who brings in a steady income. J

My latest book, Plain Pursuit, will be out in June 2013 from Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense. In doing research for my suspense set in Amish country, I took a trip down to Conewango, NY. (I set my book in fictionalized Apple Creek, NY because, well, it has a nice ring to it.) My daughters and I stopped into a local shop and admired the beautiful handcrafts made by the Amish—everything from potholders to quilts. There’s something very tranquil about the country and the image of women gathered around a quilt or sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, the rhythmic motion of their hands as they stitch the fabric…

Taking the time to do things they enjoy…

All this talk of crafts, makes me want to take a trip to a craft store. Maybe I could start a wedding cross stitch. I figure I have a good ten years or more before my oldest gets married. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my next book. I hope you’ll check them out.

Is there any craft project you’d like to work on that you just haven’t made the time for lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section. 

Plain Pursuit
Danger in Amish Country

When her brother is killed in a small Amish town, Anna Quinn discovers she's an unwelcome outsider. But the FBI agent investigating the case is right at home—because Eli Miller was born and raised in Apple Creek's Plain community. Eli left his Amish faith behind long ago, but his heart is rooted in a local cold case he can't forget—a mystery with strange connections to Anna's loss. Desperate to uncover the truth, Anna and Eli are faced with stony silences and secrets…secrets that someone wants to keep buried in the past.


Angela Adams said...

You're right...Apple Creek does have a nice ring to it. It has a very "at home" sound and feel. Best wishes with your book.

Alison Stone said...

Thank you, Angela.

And thank you Anastasia and Lois for inviting me to visit your blog. I'm headed out to chaperone my 3rd grader's trip to the zoo. I'll be sure to pop back in this afternoon.

Have a great day!

Rayne said...

Lovely blog with food for thought. The way Alison Stone describes the women doing handicraft arrested my busy brain for just a second. I could see and sense the tranquility ooze from these women. For an instant there I wanted to go back to carpet knotting. Sad to say, I like a lot of us, let too many things get in the way of what I really enjoy. But then I enjoy writing, too. It's a Catch 22.

Alison Stone said...

Rayne, I would be curious to learn what carpet knotting is. Is it anything like the "hook a rug" kits I did in my youth?

Missy Tippens said...

Alison, I think wedding cross-stitch would be good for your younger two who didn't get birth ones. :)

I hate to admit how many craft projects I started and never finished. My favorite story to tell, though, is about the sleeve of a sweater I knitted for my husband when we first married. I gave up after one sleeve and gave it to him on our first Christmas with a booklet I wrote called "101 Things to Do With a Sleeve." :)

Congratulations on your first book!! I'm thrilled for you.

Sandra Orchard said...

I can so relate, Alison. I used to do all kinds of different crafts before I took up writing. The only one I've done since is to make my granddaughter a flannel quilt for her first Christmas. It felt great to have something to show for a week of hard work...unlike a week at the keyboard! So excited to see your new book!

Alison Stone said...

Missy ~ you are brilliant! 101 things to do with a sleeve. LOL

Sandra ~ I agree that it's nice to have something to show for your work. Writing is such a long process. I sometimes clean the bathroom just to have something to show for my work!

Thanks for stopping by!