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Sunday, May 12, 2013


A few weeks ago I showed you how to make a decorative bowl from magazine pages. I had so much fun making that project that I thought I’d do another. Follow these simple directions to make a trivet from those magazines you’d otherwise toss in recycling.

magazine with colorful pages, scissors, low-temp glue gun, felt square slightly smaller than diameter of finished trivet, tacky glue

1. Tear pages from the magazine. Cut each page in half, lengthwise.

2. Fold each half page in half lengthwise. Fold the cut edge under 3/8” and continue folding the strip. (Note: this fold method is a slightly different from the one for the bowl in order to create wider strips.)

3. Apply dab of glue to one end of one strip and form into a tight coil. Glue the end in place.

4. Continue adding strips to enlarge the coil until it measures 2” in diameter. This is the center of the trivet. Adhere strips with a dab of glue as you add to the coil and glue the end of each strip to the coil.

5. Make 1/2” diameter coils from individual strips of paper. Glue 14 smaller coils around the outer edge of the large coil.

6. Make 1” diameter coils from two strips of paper. Glue 14 of these around the outer edge of the trivet. This will make a 5” diameter trivet. If you’d like a larger trivet, continue adding rows of coiled magazine pages until you’ve reached the desired size.

7. Cut a circle from felt to fit the bottom of the  trivet. Glue to bottom with tacky glue.

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