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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Full-time mommy to three Kendra Thornton was the former Orbitz director of communications and has traveled to 28 countries on 6 continents. She loves to write about travel and offer travel tips. Today she joins us to share some of her favorite tips on traveling healthy with your kids.

Family Fun In The Summertime: 5 Travel Tips

Summer is on its way. That means road trips and days at the beach with the kids. Before you soak in those rays, though, you have to get to your destination. That can be an adventure in itself! What do you do when the kids are hungry and screaming in the backseat? As a full-time mom who's roamed all around the country with her husband and kids in tow, I've put together some tips on keeping your family healthy, safe, and happy while traveling.

1. Eat Breakfast

If you're headed out for a full day at the amusement park, be sure your family eats a healthy breakfast beforehand. During sleep, your body is hard at work making repairs. All that energy needs to be replenished in order to function the next day. Aim for a serving of healthy protein, such as scrambled eggs, and complex carbohydrates that provide sustained energy. If you're staying at a hotel, take advantage of the continental breakfast offered. Eat foods like whole-grain toast, oatmeal, and fresh fruit. Steer your family clear of sugary cereals and pastries. These provide little nutritional value and won't satisfy hunger for very long.

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

The munchies can hit hard while you're on the road. Instead of settling for greasy, salty convenience store snacks, pack your own healthy food. Keep a cooler stocked with juice, water, low-fat string cheese, Greek yogurt, apples, and celery and carrot sticks. Keep bags of trail mix and pretzels, too. Kids always hungry on road trips? Instead of constantly stopping for food, I like to surprise mine by packing their favorite cookies or candy. Keep in mind that if you must stop for something on-the-go you should still take the time to make healthy decisions at fast foods places!

3. Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy

Here's something to think about the next time your family uses a public bathroom at a rest stop or airport. According to an SCA survey, four in ten adults have admitted to not washing their hands after sneezing or coughing. Fifty-eight percent have seen other people walk out of restrooms without having washed their hands. Gross, right? Teach your children to lather up on the soap and wash their hands for at least twenty seconds under running water. Keep sanitizer on hand when soap and water are not available.

4. Maintain Regular Sleep-Wake Schedules

You know that crying baby on the airplane? Chances are, he's probably traveling during the hours when he's usually asleep. Disruptions in children's sleep-wake cycles can lead to episodes of crankiness. As much as possible, schedule flights, meal times, and rest periods around the usual times your family engages in them at home. There are a bunch of Orlando hotels in Walt Disney World that offer quiet hours to ensure their visitors get the proper night’s rest they need.

5. Make Time For The Adults

Mom, Dad, this is your vacation, too. Fit some grown-up time into your days. Enjoy cocktails at the bar or have a couple's massage at the spa. Many hotels have childcare options that you can utilize for a few hours. This way, you and your spouse will come away refreshed from the vacation instead of frazzled.

Use these tips to plan for a healthy, safe, and fun vacation with your family!    

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