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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Give Yourself a Nail Lift

Many women try to ward off the signs of aging with everything from botox injections to face lifts, but one of the first places to show signs of aging is our nails. They become yellow and brittle and develop ridges. Ever think of giving yourself a nail lift? Here are a few simple ways you can counter nail aging:

1. Buff your nails in an up-and-down direction, never side-to-side. This will help minimize ridges and yellowing.

2. Avoid deep colored polishes. They can discolor nails. Use pink and nude shades instead.

3. Exercise is not just for your muscles. Your nails benefit from exercise as well by increasing blood flow to your hands and feet. Increased circulation in your nail beds will improve the look of your nails.

4. Biotin supplements can help improve nail brittleness.

5. Did you know that thickening toe nails can be caused by wearing heels and shoes that are too tight? Stuffing your tootsies into pointy-toed stilettos impedes circulation.

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