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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


No matter the size of your home, everyone always needs more storage, but organizers can be expensive. Here’s a tip to help maximize the space you have without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

Do you like the look of baskets? They make great storage for everything from magazines in the den to mittens in the mudroom. But baskets can be really expensive, right? Not if you know where to buy them. Head to your local chain craft store like Michael’s. They sell a huge variety of baskets at quite reasonable prices, even more reasonable when they’re on sale. They also offer weekly coupons for 40% off regularly priced items.

Because baskets come in all shapes and sizes, you can use them to organize in every room of your home. In the bathroom, they’re great for everything from toiletries to towels. Place one on top of your toilet tank for a spare roll of toilet paper and a box of tissues. Keep a larger one under the sink to corral your hair dryer, flat iron, etc.

Line your pantry shelves with baskets to organize bagged foods such as pastas, cereals, and chips.

Baskets are great storage for a kid’s room as well. Instead of a toy box, place a row of baskets along a wall to separate different types of toys--blocks in one, cars and trucks in another, etc.

Need to label your baskets? Buy miniature chalk boards at the crafts store and hot glue them to the ends of the baskets. Write the contents of the baskets on the chalkboards. If you decide to switch things around, just erase the board and relabel.  


Kath said...

You are sooo right about baskets. When we refreshed our kitchen including the pantry closet, we opted to keep the pantry's industrial metal racks but use metal baskets we found at Meijer to organize the goods and make access as easy as expensive drawers would have been.
I love the idea of the little chalk boards! Where do you get chalk? All I can find is sidewalk chalk.


Kath, you can find chalk at most craft stores, office supply stores, educational supply stores, and in the office supply section of many discount chains.