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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Are you overwhelmed by all the clutter around your home? Here are some tips for getting organized:

Coat Closets
Most hall closets are a disaster area with hats, scarves, and gloves tossed helter-skelter on the top shelf and book bags, shoes, and boots piled on the floor. Purchase wooden shoe organizers for the top shelf to store small items and another on the floor for shoes and boots. Attach sturdy hooks to the inside of the door for hanging book bags.

Kitchen Cabinets
Most older homes have small kitchens with limited storage space. Make the most of your kitchen cabinets by installing wire organizers on the inside of cabinet doors. Use these for storing sponges and cleaning products under the sink. In other cabinets, store rolls of plastic wrap, foil, and boxes of plastic bags; spices; boxes of tea; and any other small items.

Books and Magazines
Do you have books and magazines, piled all over your home? Keep them organized in baskets alongside your nightstand, under your coffee table, and in a corner of the bathroom (for those infrequent times when you get to soak in a bubble bath.)

Piles of Dirty Laundry Everywhere You Look

Instead of one laundry basket for the entire family (which most members of your family will ignore,) supply a laundry basket for each bedroom and one in the bathroom for towels. Hopefully, your family members will get the hint and stop tossing dirty laundry on the floor. (Emphasis on “hopefully”!)


Beaj said...

Coat Closets
I sort out winter articles and put them in our spare guest room closet so then move summer articles to the main closet. Works for us..
Thanks for your suggestions..:)

Angela Adams said...

Books and Magazines...I have piles in every room!!


Great suggestion, Beaj! Thanks for stopping by.


You and me, both, Angela! I need to take my own advice. ;-)