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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Contemporary romance author Melissa Belle wrote her first novel riding through Europe on a train. She travels as much as possible with her husband (and first reader of all her stories), dances in a belly dance troupe, and is a professional tarot and oracle card reader. She also loves songwriting, hooping, and her two rescue kitties. And cupcakes. Learn more about Melissa and her books at her website.

Readers often ask me, “What actually happens in a tarot reading?”

Both of my contemporary romance novels feature tarot readings given by a professional intuitive (or psychic, as many people know them by). I didn’t originally plan for tarot to be such a big theme in my writing, but as a spiritual intuitive coach and tarot reader in my day job, some parts of real life end up slipping into my fiction.

“Do you predict the future?”

I can’t speak for other spiritual counselors, but in my own work, I get answers from the angels and other spirits about whatever questions my client asks. I don’t predict the future, I don’t change fate or destinies (I reserve that for my novels!), and I don’t give threatening or scary prophecies. I’m there to support the client by delivering any guardian angel messages with accurate and gentle guidance.

Today I’m doing an example of a one-card reading, for anyone who’s interested in some extra guidance. What’s wonderful about tarot and oracle card readings is that they’re meant for anyone who sees them. When I chose this card, I did so with specific instructions that it be the right card drawn for this blog. So if you are reading this today (or whenever you happen to find it), it is meant for you! Use your own feelings to trust what the angels want you to know, but I will provide some specific guidance below.

The card I pulled (see picture) is “Let Go.” I like to refer to this as the “unclench your fist and let the good in” card. Whatever first comes to mind when you read this message is where you need to put your attention. An unhealthy relationship or experience should be released to make room for something better. A key meaning of this card is usually linked to manifestation: if you want to manifest something and it’s been eluding you, let go of your worries. Ask for help with prayer, meditation, or writing down a list of intentions, and then release it. This card is often pulled when a client has been holding on very tightly to how you picture your dreams happening: state your goal and then let go of the way you think it should or expect it to happen, and leave the rest to your angels!

Austen’s Independence Day

What if you don’t find your Mr. Darcy… until you’ve already lost him? It is universally acknowledged in the tiny town of Austen, Texas that Macey Henwood will never get married. When your hometown is obsessed with freeing Jane Austen’s ghost from the local bar, staying single feels like the only way to stay sane. But then Morgan Thornbrush, her lifelong best friend with benefits, gets engaged out of the blue, and it drives Macey crazy, especially when the town anoints the new couple Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. Now she’s smack in the middle of a wedding she wants no part of. From “bonding” with Morgan’s bombshell fiancĂ© to helping him let go of their complicated past, Macey’s forced to face the truth—the perfect arrangement she had with Morgan is over. But when the pages of an explosive diary ignite fireworks between her and Morgan as his July fourth wedding approaches, Macey must make a life-changing decision. Can the town’s version of Mr. Darcy really be the man for her after all?

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