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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


© Nevit Dilmen
Club Soda—It’s not just for tummy aches, stains, and mixed drinks.

I think it’s fairly common knowledge that club soda is great for stomach distress. And most people probably know that it also works well to clean certain food stains, especially red wine. However, I recently came across a few other uses for club soda and thought I’d pass them along.

Sticking with stains, if Rover or your toddler piddles on the carpet or couch, reach for the club soda. Sop up as much urine as possible, then pour club soda over the stain. Blot well. Club soda not only cleans the stain, it eliminates the odor.

Speaking of piddle, if the birds bomb your windshield, spritz with club soda. The fizz will make it easier to remove the droppings.

Club soda will also clean stainless steel and porcelain. Pour the club soda directly on the surface. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. For stainless, rinse with warm water, then wipe dry. For porcelain, there’s no need to rinse with water.

Making pancakes or waffles? If you like fluffy ones, omit the salt in the recipe (there’s salt in club soda) and replace half the milk with club soda.

Here’s a great summer tip for those days when you go swimming in the pool. Rinse your hair in club soda afterwards. The carbonation will help counter the damage chlorine can do to your hair. And if your hair is blond and turns green in a chlorinated pool, a club soda rinse will get rid of the unwanted color.

Flat club soda is great for watering houseplants because of all the minerals it contains.

If you use cast-iron cookware, clean up is much easier if you pour some club soda into the warm pan. It will keep the food particles from sticking.

Pour club soda over rusty nails, screws, and bolts. The carbonation will bubble away the rust, making it easier to remove the hardware.


Angela Adams said...

I can't wait to try those pancakes. Thanks!


If you like your pancakes light and fluffy, you'll never make them any other way again, Angela.

Unknown said...

Cast iron. My husband the home cook, loves to cook in a certain cast iron pan, and Everything sticks! (I'm dishwasher and kitchen cleaner, glady to avoid cooking.) I'm getting some club soda for that $$%^ pan!!! Thank you.

Kath said...

Sorry I didn't sign the cast iron post.


Kath, good luck with that pan!