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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Award-winning author Patricia Preston loves writing romances with picturesque settings and a host of unforgettable characters whose lives entwine in feel-good stories about life, love and finding happiness. She also writes short humorous stories and historicals.
Besides writing, she also works in a family medical clinic. Her favorite place to hang out is her writing cave where must-haves are iced tea and epic music. Learn more about Patricia and her books at her website. 

Everything His Heart Desires a single-title romance that reunites former high school adversaries. Brett “Hot Rod” Harris was from the wrong side of town and determined to make a success of his life no matter what. A wealthy senator’s daughter, Natalie Layton was considered the Cutest Girl in class and a total slacker, which annoyed Brett to no end, especially when he got stuck with her for a lab partner. Fifteen years later, Brett is a cardiologist and still driven to succeed. Natalie is a wartime photographer grappling with the losses in her life.

Natalie recently sat down with us for an interview:

Where are you from?
I grew up in Lafayette Falls, Tennessee but left after I graduated high school. I spent fifteen years abroad as a photographer until a bombing in Kabul ended my career and I reluctantly returned to my hometown.

Tell us a bit about Everything His Heart Desires.
My stubborn grandmother won’t see a doctor about her heart. My family concocts a scheme involving my old high school nemesis, Brett Harris, who, of all things, is a heart doctor now. This plot involves me inviting Brett over to Nana’s for dinner. He thinks charming an old lady will be easy. He is so wrong. Wait till he meets Nana’s thug cat, Pharaoh.

What did you think the first time you saw Brett?
That he hadn’t changed at all. He still has that “James Dean,” born on the wrong side of the tracks thing going. Still Type A, too, and he still has a low opinion of me.

What was your second thought?
That, despite everything, I still like him. And now I’m the key to his success. Karma!

Did you feel it was love at first sight? 
More like trouble at first sight.

What do you like most about him?
I like that he always believed in himself. Raised by his uncle, he had no parents and no money, but he never gave up and never settled for being less than the best.

How would you describe him?
He was our class valedictorian. Smart, sexy and sure of himself. So unlike me.

How would he describe you?
He always called me Slacker because I never worked hard in school. He resented that I came from a rich family and I grew up with everything he never had. But there were things about my life he didn’t know, and I am Type B totally, which gets on his nerves.

What made you choose photojournalism as a career?
I always loved photography. I thought I’d have a photography studio or maybe work for a home and garden magazine. All that changed when my husband died a violent death. I headed to the Middle East to take the kind of photographs no one wants to see.

What is your biggest fear?
I was fearless for a long time. Until I almost died in a bombing. Now I fear my future is in shambles.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
“It is in the small stories that we find our truth.” That came from my grandmother, who helped me find the truth when it comes to life and love.

Everything His Heart Desires
A Love Heals All Romance

Growing up in Lafayette Falls, senator’s daughter Natalie Layton hid her sorrows behind a bright smile that charmed everyone in high school—except Brett Harris. Hardworking and highly motivated, Brett dismissed Natalie as a slacker. Instead, she’s become an acclaimed photographer. And when Brett, now a successful cardiologist, needs her family’s help to secure a coveted position, Natalie’s more than happy to prescribe a little payback…

Hailing from the wrong side of the tracks, Brett believed he could never win the school’s popular princess. Now he’s intrigued by the complex and compassionate woman Natalie’s become. Gaining her grandmother’s goodwill is the key to becoming chief cardiologist—and Natalie has no intention of making it easy. But as mutual mistrust gives way to pure chemistry, there’s more at stake than either ever expected—and much more to learn about matters of the heart…

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