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Monday, February 4, 2019


Southern award-winning author Maggie Toussaint writes mystery, suspense, and futuristic fiction. Under her own name and her pen name of Rigel Carson, she’s published twenty novels, several short stories, and novellas. Learn more about Maggie and her books at her website

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Maggie takes over the blog today to talk about love and romance and special Valentine’s Day gifts all wrapped up in muddy waters. (Yes, it will all makes sense if you keep reading!.)

Chocolate or flowers or bears?
What’s your preference for Valentine’s Day? Decadent chocolate? Fragrant roses? A cuddly teddy bear? A sentimental card? The options are as wide open as your imagination.

Valentine’s Day is made for romance and love. Everyone secretly yearns to be swept off his or her feet and fall madly in love. For those who enjoy stories of the heart, romance writers are here to help! Though experiencing romance and love firsthand are the best, living vicariously through a well-crafted story can also bring satisfaction.

Speaking of romances, my Muddy Waters heroine yearns for love. Roxie’s the girl-next-door type, the one who helps others achieve their dreams, and sets aside her dreams of love.

In walks the town’s bad boy, all tall, dark, and dangerous, and real estate broker Roxie is tongue-tied. Sloan’s a charming rogue, definitely not her type, and yet there’s something between them. An intangible connection that makes her wonder if he is her type.

Atlanta security expert Sloan Harding is stunned at the tidiness of his yard. He hasn’t been down to the coast in years and not a blade of grass is out of place. If not for the tree on his roof, he wouldn’t be in Mossy Bog now. Belatedly, he realizes he owes Roxie and her grandmother, who have been acting as property caretakers in his absence. He doesn’t like to owe anyone anything.

Turns out he needs a property manager to oversee the roof repairs and Roxie wants the job. If not for his missing inheritance, theirs would be a match made in heaven. Evidence points to Roxie’s family, and the bottom falls out of their blooming friendship.

Meanwhile, Roxie juggles a difficult real estate client and tries to get on with her life. Accidents beset her, and it feels like someone is watching her. She doesn’t know why these things are happening, and she most especially doesn’t want anyone to tell Sloan.

She misses him so much it’s hard to draw a full breath. Sloan’s miserable too, as much as he wants his inheritance, he wants Roxie more. Something’s gotta give.

Though it isn’t Valentine’s Day, Sloan opts to surprise Roxie with a bouquet of red roses. What Valentine’s gift would sweep you off your feet?

Muddy Waters
A Mossy Bog Romantic Suspense, Book 1

Real estate broker Roxie Whitaker is juggling skittish clients, an anxious bride, and her wayward brother. She’d very much like to sell some property, soothe her friend’s wedding jitters, and knock some sense into her party-boy brother’s head. Meanwhile, she needs a date for the wedding. In walks Sloan Harding, the town’s former bad boy and now an Atlanta security expert, and Roxie believes he’s the answer to her problems.

Sparks fly as he escorts her to the wedding and asks her advice about his property. While he’s home, Sloan hunts for his missing inheritance. Sloan’s search uncovers family secrets and painful memories. To make matters worse, someone in the shadows is after his inheritance, someone who will do whatever it takes to walk away with the fortune.

When passion meets danger, will love win the day?


Maggie Toussaint said...

Thanks for hosting me at the Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers blog. The villain in Muddy Waters is most certainly crafty and cunning. I hope all friends of this blog will check it out!


We're always happy to have you stop by for a visit, Maggie.