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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Keeping with our Christmas in July theme, here's another project for getting a jumpstart on the holidays. -- AP


Refer to the materials list and directions from May 23, 2011 to make the basic yarn doll using red mohair type yarn.

Note: If you prefer a Mrs. Santa doll, don’t tie off the legs, omit the curly beard, and use a pink colored pencil to color cheeks.

Decorate the doll as follows:

white curly doll hair
1 large head red ball straight pin
1/2” white pompom
two 1/4” green pompoms
3/4 yd. white curly chenille
3” x 5” red felt
1/2” x 6” black felt
1/2” x 3/4” yellow felt
1/2” jingle bell
12” x 12” natural hopsack
1/2 yd. 1/8” red/green striped grosgrain ribbon
small amount polyester fiber-fill
1-1/4” gold doll glasses
needle and thread
tacky glue and/or glue gun

1. Make doll according to Basic Yarn Doll directions (5/23/11.)

2. Divide body in half below tied waist for legs with chenille stem as part of one leg. Tie each leg 2-1/2” from end.

3. Cut 3-4 strands at a time of curly doll hair into 8” lengths. Fold pieces in half. Glue midpoint of the hair to head, applying along the edge of muslin first. Then work in neat, evenly spaced horizontal rows from back of the neck up to top of the head. Glue additional hair to face for beard. Untangle and trim to even out the length.

4. Dip red topped pin in glue. Insert in head for mouth.

5. Glue glasses in place over eyes.

6. Using the compass, draw a 5” diameter half circle on the paper. Cut out. Use the paper pattern to cut out hat from red felt.

7. Overlap straight edge of hat 1/4” to form cone. Glue in place. Glue white pompom to top of hat. Glue curly chenille around bottom edge of hat. Glue hat to head.

8. Cut curly chenille into two 2” pieces for wrists and two 4” pieces for legs. Glue around tied ends at legs and wrists.

9. Glue black felt around waist for belt. Cut a small rectangle in center of yellow felt for buckle. Glue to center front of belt.

10. Glue green pompoms to chest above belt.

11. Using a dinner plate as guide, cut a large circle from the hopsack. Sew a gathering stitch around the circle 1/2” from edge. Place fiber-fill in center of circle. Gather thread to form sack. Know in place.

12. Tie grosgrain ribbon around sack, slipping bell onto ribbon before tying bow.

13. Glue arm around sack and sack to side of body.

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