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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Who has time to exercise? You do, says health editor Janice Kerr, and she’s here today to show you how. -- AP

We’ve become a nation of sofa spuds. Even when we’re not sitting in front of the TV, we’re sitting -- at work and in the car. We Americans sit an average of 54 hours a week. That’s 2-1/4 days of sitting out of every 7 days. Yikes! No wonder obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are higher than ever.

If we got on our feet and moved just an extra hour or two a day, we’d do wonders for our health. So…I can hear you all screaming about how you don’t have time. You most certainly do! And you won’t even have to give up something to achieve those extra hours of being active.

Every time you’re on the phone, walk while you talk. Just walk from room to room. Or walk in place if you’re on the phone at work. If you’re home and have stairs in your house, go up and down a flight or two for good measure. The more you talk, the more walking you’ll get in.

When you do hit the couch in the evening, get up during the commercials. Again, walk in place. Or better yet, jog in place. The average half hour show is only 22 minutes of programming; the average hour long show is about 43 minutes of program. The remaining minutes are filled with commercials. For every hour of television you watch, that’s 16 or 17 minutes of exercise.

Your body will thank you!

Once again, Janice has offered some great advice for staying healthy. How many of you readers will take up the challenge to move more each day? Let's hear from you. Post a comment to be entered in the drawing for a free book from our Book Club Friday author this week. -- AP


Liz V. said...

I've moved my phone away from a comfy chair to the kitchen. Now wander while I talk.


Good for you, Liz!