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Sunday, July 10, 2011


It's Christmas in July! Get a head start on your holiday gift making with this Victorian Christmas Angel. -- AP


Refer to the materials list and directions from May 23, 2011 to make the basic yarn doll using 4-ply white silver glitter yarn. Decorate the doll as follows:

white curly doll hair
4” strand white craft pearls
2 silver tinsel chenille stems
18” of 4” wide white and silver tulle
6” length 1” wide white flat lace
2 white irredescent 1/2” ribbon roses
approximately 60 6mm glass beads
needle and thread
pink colored pencil or blush
tacky glue and/or glue gun

1. Make doll according to Basic Yarn Doll directions (5/23/11.)

2. Cut 3-4 strands at a time of curly doll hair twice the desired length of hair. Glue midpoint of the hair to head, applying along the edge of muslin first. Then work in neat, evenly spaced horizontal rows from back of the neck up to top of the head. Untangle and trim to even out the length.

3. Wrap flat lace around upper body of doll, overlapping ends in front to form shawl. Glue in place at front with small amount of glue.

4. Wrap pearls around neck, securing at back with glue.

5. Cut tulle into two 9” pieces. Place one on top of the other and tie together in the middle with thread. Spread ends apart to form wings.

6. Form a 2” circle at one end of one tinsel chenille stem for halo. Bend remaining length down at a 90 degree angle from halo for stem. Slip stem inside yarn wich tied off upper body at back of doll. Adjust height so halo seems to float over head of doll and stem is not seen from front.

7. Center wings over stem. Wrap end of stem around tied center of wings Glue to secure.

8. Glue one ribbon rose to upper right of doll’s head at hair line and second where lace forms a “V” at front of angel.

9. Thread three beads each onto random front strands of doll body, knotting ends of yarn. Space evenly on strands.

10. Twist remaining tinsel chenille stem into five-pointed star. Fold arms to front of angel. Glue in place. Glue top center point of star to hands.

11. Color cheeks with pink colored pencil.

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Liz V. said...

Fifty years ago, a neighbor made a pair of angels from crumpled newspapers for the body and wings, foam head, string for hair, and lace binding tape for the crown, all gilded. They've sat on my mantle every Christmas since my mother passed them on to me. In fact, they're there now, awaiting repair, as one of the wings became detached. (I'll need to age the gild along the repair.) They are, however, among my favorite Christmas decorations.


Liz, I've never made dolls from crumpled newspaper. I'll have to look into that.

Liz V. said...

Not good w/ phone pics but, if I figured out, will email some to you.

Unknown said...

I need a First Communion mop-head doll. Can you make this for me or do you know someone who will?


Sorry, Peggy. I don't do commissions for people. You might want to look around online at Etsy. You might find some crafters selling mop dolls there and would be able to commission a doll from them.