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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Winter means dry skin. Beauty editor Nicole Emmerling is here today with some tips for keeping your skin moist and healthy throughout the winter. -- AP

Winter can wreak havoc on exposed skin, Anastasia. Cold temperatures cause skin to chafe. So my first tip is pretty much a no-brainer: cover as much exposed skin as possible when you venture outside.

Because winter is also cold and flu season, we all tend to wash our hands more often. This is great for keeping germs at bay, but it also tends to dry out our hands. To counter the drying effect of all that hand washing, use hand cream after each washing. Use moisturizers that contain natural products such as avocado oil and camellia seed oil. If your hands are extra dry, apply cream before bed and wear a lightweight pair of gloves while sleeping.

The same can be done for your feet. (Except wear socks!) And speaking of feet, wash dry, cracked heels with warm water and sea salts to remove the dead skin.

Avoid hot baths, showers, and saunas. Lukewarm water is best.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, no matter how cold it is outside. Sunlight reflects off snow and ice, intensifying the sun’s radiation.

Use a home humidifier to counter the drying effects of your home heating system.

Hydrate from the inside by drinking an adequate amount of water each day, and cut down on alcohol and caffeine. Both work against your skin.

Exercise! Staying in shape helps skin stay healthy.

Thanks, Nicole! All great tips, except for the caffeine. There’s no way I can get through my day without it. I’ll just have to drink more water to compensate. What about you, readers? Post a comment to enter the drawing for books plus a special gift from our Book Club Friday author this week. -- AP


Liz said...

Wore gloves for years at night--with olive oil rather than cold cream (then equally greasy).

Jane R said...

Dry skin is a constant winter problem, even though we have relatively mild (but very dry) winters. I've found that lotion seems to absorb better if applied right after I shower. And I agree, I can't give up the morning coffee so have to compensate with more water throughout the day.

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