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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


From time to time we feature tips and tidbits are editors come across. Food editor Cloris McWerther and health editor Janice Kerr have banded together to find healthy cooking tips for us. -- AP

Who doesn’t like rich foods? Of course, rich foods are not good for our health. They clog our arteries and raise our cholesterol. Small changes can add up to huge results if you substitute low-fat and fat-free ingredient for high-fat ones when you cook. Your taste buds won’t suffer, and your body will thank you.

Here’s today’s healthy cooking tip:

Substitute low-fat or fat-free yogurt when soup, sauce, and dip recipes call for sour cream or mayonnaise. For thicker sauces, stir 2 teaspoons of flour per cup of yogurt into the yogurt before cooking to prevent curdling.

I do love my sour cream, but I’m going to give this a try. What about the rest of you? 
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Liz said...

I've used yogurt but never thought of thickening with flour. Thanks for the tip.

Jane R said...

I use yogurt a lot in place of sour cream. Greek yogurt is really a good substitute. But, I haven't heard about using flour to make it thicker. A great tip and will be sure to try it.

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