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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Why carry your lunch to work in a paper bag? This lacy tote is a snap to make and an elegant way to carry your tuna fish sandwich. Or make a larger one for a reusable shopping bag. The blank canvas totes come in a variety of sizes and are available at craft stores. -- AP

9” x 11” natural canvas tote
3/4-yd. 2” wide gathered natural Cluny lace
3/4-yd. 7/8” wide flat natural Cluny lace
7 assorted 2” natural lace medallions
assorted white, clear, and natural buttons in varying sizes
fabric glue
gem glue
air-soluble fabric marker

1. Using the fabric marker, draw two perpendicular lines 2” from center of tote.

2. Cut the flat Cluny lace into two equal pieces. Using the fabric glue, glue the flat edge of each piece to the outside of each line, lining up the top edge with the top of the tote and wrapping the bottom edge around to the bottom of the tote.

3. Using the fabric glue, glue the gathered Cluny lace to the top edge of the tote, overlapping cut ends at center back.

4. Using the fabric glue, glue the lace medallions randomly onto the tote, two on either side and three in the middle section.

5. Using the gem glue, glue the buttons randomly around the lace medallions.

Our Book Club Friday guest this week has a very special treat for our readers. Be sure to stop by on Friday to find out what it is. -- AP


Liz said...

One of my favorite blogs, and I may have discovered it tracking you last year! Best wishes.


Thanks, Liz!

Jane R said...

This tote is just so cute! I am always in need of unique and different birthday presents for friends. I am definitely going to whip some of these. I know they will be well-received. Thanks!