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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today beauty editor Nicole Emmerling offers some great beauty tips for every part of your body. -- AP

For Your Skin -- Always apply moisturizer to slightly damp skin.

For Your Hair
-- When you need a touch-up but your appointment with your colorist isn’t for a few more days, here’s a trick for hiding those roots: instead of your usual straight part, zigzag your part.

For Your Face -- Keep your hands away from your face to prevent pimples.

For Your Brows -- Always tweeze in the direction the hair grows.

For Your Hands -- Gently push your cuticles back with a towel each time you wash your hands.

For Your Eyes -- Before applying eye shadow, first apply moisturizer, then foundation to your lids.

For Your Lips -- If you smile as you’re applying your lipstick, you won’t miss any spots.

For Your Legs -- To avoid stinging, don’t use scented moisturizer or ones containing alpha hydroxy acids right after you shave.

For Your Feet -- To prevent ingrown nails, always trim toenails straight across.

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