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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


From time to time we’ve talked about superfoods here, those foods that give you extra energy, help you lose weight, or even possibly ward off cancer. Today health editor Janice Kerr adds a few more foods to the superfoods list. -- AP

Anastasia, have you ever eaten kefir? It’s a creamy drink that’s not only rich in calcium, it’s a probiotic. That means it aids in healthy digestion and also pumps up your immune system. You can find kefir in the dairy section of most supermarkets. Because it has a slightly tart taste, blend it with berries or add a drop of vanilla extract.
When choosing berries to add to your kefir, consider black raspberries. This fruit is not only low in sugar and calories, it’s high in fiber, folate, and vitamin C. But best of all, guess what the  phytochemicals in black raspberries do? Nothing short of causing cancer cells to commit suicide. How cool is that? 


Mary Marvella said...

That looks good. I need to go back and buy fresh fruit!

simple health said...

MMM. It looks yummy! thanks for nice sharing! I really want to taste it.