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Thursday, December 4, 2014


JoAnne Myers is both an artist and a writer. You might remember her from her visit back in June when she shared images of her paintings with us. Today she returns to tell us about her love of monster stories. Learn more about JoAnne at her website.

When it comes to fiction writing, almost anything goes. That is why I love writing fantasy stories. The author can go completely over the edge and make something unbelievable seem believable. My love for monster stories came from my childhood, from watching Count Dracula and Wolfman movies. Legendary monsters and myths inspired most of the stories from my anthology, Loves, Myths, and Monsters. I used my love for monster movies to contrive a collection of unusual tales of mystery, danger, twists and turns.

Loves, Myths and Monsters-11 fantasy tales entwined with the human world

Welcome to Anna came from my love of the Twilight Trilogy. Instead of the leading lady pursued by a vampire and a werewolf as in Twilight, a Chupracabra pursues the leading lady in Welcome to Anna, a large hideous creature that transforms between being a coyote and a beast that kills at will. What happens next is a series of chilling mysteries, and unsuspecting friendships and love.

The Hunter's Bride-This story derived from searching the Internet on various legends and myths from different countries. 

Moon People came from my imagination of how I believe Mermaids came to exist. Since they are part human, I imaged superior beings living on the Moon, and one fell off, landing in the Earth’s ocean, and was swallowed by a passing fish.

The Pack-This story depicts my version of how werewolves evolved.

The Bidding I got from watching an episode of The Twilight Zone as a child. It takes place in Circleville, an actual town in Ohio, close to my home.

The Agreement-Roseville, an actual small town in Ohio, is where this story takes place.  I thought it would be interesting to find out what happens to an arrogant city slicker when he meets a no-nonsense country sheriff.

For The Love of Ginnie-My love of American history and the Civil War, conjured up this time travel tale of adventure, leading to a roller coaster ride of joy and perils for hero and scientist Alex Anderson, to rescue his beloved Ginnie from a sniper’s bullet.

Is It Only A Myth? - With the legends, myths, movies made of it, and reported sightings of this elusive but deadly creature half man/bat/rat, I had to write about the Mothman.

The Proposition-I wrote this tale of love conquers all, because I love cowboys, and strong-minded women.

The House on Shady Lane-historical facts of a family from 1873 believed to be the country’s first serial killer family inspired this grisly tale. Even the famous Pickerington Detective Agency was hot on their trail.

Love's Curse takes place in a real town famous for local resident John Holmes, the King of Porn, and of the local college’s actual mascot.

Therefore, the next time you get Writer’s Block, or need a new idea, try switching on the television, open a newspaper, delve into history or simply look and listen. You will find something to stimulate your muse.

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Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Joanne,

I agree that ideas for writing are all around us. I often get ideas from listening to conversations, reading newspaper and magazine nonfiction which sparks my imagination. Best wishes with this interesting anthology of short fiction.

Rose Anderson said...

They all sound very interesting, JoAnne. Best luck!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jacqueline, for stopping by. All the best for you also.

Unknown said...

Hello Rose, thank you for commenting. All the best to you too.

Angela Adams said...

I am a big "The Twilight Zone" fan, and still enjoy watching reruns on cable. Thanks for the post!

Vamp Writer said...

I love that you pick up your ideas for stories from things you see on television as well as in real life. For those who suffer with "Writer's Block" the ideas are out there, you just have to be open to them!